Friday, February 27, 2015


Time for my february SFS update. I stitched a lot and spent a lot. So here goes

flat ornaments stitched this month total 9 x 4$= $36.00
1 page Fleurs SAL 110x80.                              = $12.00
Mini heart sachet.                                             =$2.00
Lizzie Kate Santa's 2000                       2x$8.   =$16.00
                                                    Total earned  =$66.00
                                                     Plus budget. +$25.00
Total earned in february.                                 = $91.00
Total earned from January SFS.                      + $83.13
Total earned for both months                           =$174.13

Spent in February
Magazine             $6.99
Ursula SAL.        $6.00
Book.                   $3.69
Anne cloth.          $15.00
 Polstitches g bag  $21.00
Anne cloth.           $8.99
Owl pattern.          $3.00
Total spent.        =$64.67

Earned   $174.13
Spent.   -$64.67
             = a + $109.76 to carry over for March
In spite of spending this month, I don't think I did too badly.


cucki said...


Linda said...

Awesome Deb.


Faith... said...

WOW you are doing really great with the SfS budget!

Anonymous said...

great job on your budget

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for the comment in my blog, you are a "no reply" so I came over to visit!
Those finishes certainly make a difference to the budget, you have loads of cash! I do like the grab bags, they are great for people like me who can't make up their minds which fabrics to choose.

Thoeria said...

OMW!!! You're stitching up a a storm! :)Great going !

Irene said...

anch'io dovrei fare un budget come te

Sally said...

Well done on your SFS! I need to get more finishes done to boost my budget :)

Ruth said...

Dang it!!! I need to either borrow your speedy needles or your carry-over bank account. lol Big congrats to you on your stitching accomplishments and your awesome SFSness!