Saturday, November 5, 2011


One day, years ago I was in Austin, visiting my favorite LNS Gingers Needle Arts. Ginger had a needle arts display with 4 of the L&L Angels that were stitched over one thread on linen. End result was a work of finely detailed art that fit in an 8" x 10" ovel frame. Generally these angels are framed in a 16" x 20". Quite large if you are short on wall space( as most of us stitchers are....). They were beautiful and I was thinking "how difficult could this be!" Soooo I started stitching this one over one thread on 28 count miracle mint green cashel fabric and found out "how difficult this could be!"). Then my eyesight took a real dive, due to stress, and I never finished it. 4 or 5 years have passed and I had UFO (un finished objects) fever one day and found this packed away in a box. We have moved several times and it was getting difficult to keep track of items. I have very bright light and better eyesight, now. Have been making an effort to work on this for a few hours each week. Although I have to admit the effect is very pretty, but my eyes go crossed after nearly an hour of stitching. But, it sure makes the 32 count fabric look enormous!


GOODNESS! Not only an ornament, but a 5 1/2" square pillow ornament, too! Melissa is my BB ornie swap partner for 2011. I really wish to thank Melissa for both beautifully finished ornaments! I have in mind to stitch one of the Prairie Schooler Santas with the lovely fabric included with these wonderful projects. Thank you for the buttons, too! The ornament colors are sooooo pretty. My Tree ornament has beautiful specalty stitches and beads. I Love the pink polka dot and button on my merry christmas pillow. They will certainly have a place on my wall year round. Thank you so much Melissa!


I love the older doll heads, from the 80's, that were used for the "Lolly Pop Lane" crocheted dolls. Found some of the 2 1/2" heads, on ebay, and decided to make this Little red riding hood for a friend in France. The yellow and white blanket she is sitting on is the one I am crocheting for my grand daughter for christmas.