Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015 as it had wings!

Saying goodbye to 2015 this day. Don't know where the year went. But it was a great one stitching wise.

Had some last minute finishes this week!
 Winter Tree. Stitched 3 of these. They are very fast! A Lesley Teare blog freebie. Changed the colors from red/gold.
 Lizzie Kate No Peaking. From a Tiny Tidings VIII pattern.
This is Angie Designer Mandala. And I am bored with it.. So this will be a finish made into a tube pillow.

 These are my new starts, packaged up, for the FB January Challenge. Also the HAED New Start event.
 This is the first piece I want to stitch for the challenge. Brooke's Books January birthday cake.
 HAED New Start FB. Mini Boo, Artist Randal Spangler. A RAK Gift from Courtney Sands.

New start Trim The Tree Stocking. HAED Artist Randal Spangler.
Many of the wonderful HAED designs have been converted to stockings. This solves my problem of wall space. I have an electric fireplace and the stockings, I plan to stitch, will look very nice hanging there.

It has been a banner year for stitching. With nearly 80 finishes, including 3 HAED WIP's, it has been a fun productive year. Making up for a dismal 2014.

On the machine embroidery side. I stitched a blanket throw for SIL, and made a Winter Cardinal pillow for her. The pillow is a recycled baby blanket ment for cross stitch. It was such bad quality for stitching and decided to use it for the pillow. Saved me from throwing it out.

The one color designs were fun to do. I found some Variegated polyester maxilock thread for the red poinsettia. Gold metallic is always a pain to work with. But very pretty. I liked the red so much that we printed out coupons and went back to Handcock fabrics. After a hand full of coupons, multiple discounts. we eneded up getting 3000 yard cones of thread for $3.19. Regular $7.49. Finishing fabrics, regular $9.99, for $3.49. Happy Dance!!!

 Here is some lace.
And here is the lace sewn together! Add light source and looks pretty at night.

The baine of my existance, for december and november, has been this memory quilt. SIL wanted my mom to make her one(she would pay for it). Knowing my mom would not like to make another, since she has already made 2 or 3 dozen, i "volunteered.... I am NOT a quilter. Claim to be at times. But it was nefarious claims... Here is the result, to be shipped out of the country, never to be seen again, But, SIL's inlaws loved it flaws and all. The printer did not like it. Was flipping over the fabric sheets and printing on the wrong side. My sewing machine, didn't like it either, it broke two needles. First time ever for breaking needles. Please excuse the blurryness, as i have told others, I was giggling like a school girl because it was finally done.

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Years holiday and a spectacular 2016.
See you on the other side!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winnings from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe!

I was the winner of the Be Thankful Give away for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Unfortunately the first package Nancy sent to me was lost in the mail somewhere. Hopefully it will show up sometime and I can mail it back to Nancy.  I received the second package Nancy mailed out to me. I was a bit overwhelmed at the beautiful items sent as a give away. Beautiful threads, a kitted pattern and two more patterns to boot.

Head on over to The Victorian Sampler Motto Shoppe blog if you have never tried Nancy's hand dyed DMC threads. There are several color collections. Order by the single skein or collection. Threads are so soft and silky. A pleasure to work with.

You can order direct from Nancy or from her ebay store. Link in her blog.

Will have another posting before years end. Have 4 more ornaments that am trying to complete before years end. One is an ornament exchange that also was lost in the mail... That one is stitched and ready for ornamentizing. Is that a word? Ornamentizing???

Have a wonderful christmas!


Thursday, December 17, 2015

December finishes

Hi everyone. Have been busy as usual Not all my time has been spent cross stitching. Lots of machine embroidery and quilting for my SIL.
I do have some finishes
 Yay! I finished a whole year of one SAL!
Palkolap December
 And Palkolap November completes the year.
 This Is Noelle. She is in the Just Cross Stitch Christmas issue of 2015.

And here she is in pink with only stitched hair.

Little House Needleworks Pumpkins,
And Fun Guy Is close to a finish. Put him down to get some christmas gifts made.

This Years Holiday table and wall.

My WIp's for december are Polar Friends, Joan Elliott, from an issue of Cross Stitch Gold. It is in the issue with the blue Santa on the cover. Feb 2013

Lizzie Kate No Peeking.
It as been extremely busy in our household this time of year. Many birthdays and holiday dinners to host. Wishing all my stitchy friends a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas to all!


Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: Twelve Days of Christmas! The whole Primitive floss Collection, 920 yards of floss!!

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe: Twelve Days of Christmas! The whole Primitive floss Collection, 920 yards of floss!!