Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fa La La finishes

Hi all
Short update.
Finished two Fa La La flat ornaments, Pattern is from Country Cottage Needleworks.

Also finished two more pages on my Fun Guys Snowballs Stocking. Only two top pages left. Really enjoy working on my boy.

 Meet Little One. One of the kittens a the work yard. She is the runt and DH has been taking soft cat food to her so she will gain a little weight. Only half the size of her sisters. Well, the other cats have figured out Little One(not my choice of names) gets special treatment. DH put some food, in a container on the floor board of the car, to keep the bigger cats from running over her. I didn't know this as I was working on trash detail. Helped DH for a little while and drive car home. I kept thinking something was moving around in the car. Searched a bit and couldn't find anything. Later that night DH had to run to Houston for parts. On his way home he calls me and says "guess who came out from under the seat?". Little one crawled around for awhile and found a warm spot in DH's overalls. Totally satisfied with herself. Oh, she is quite the pest and follows DH around the work yard. Although, she is so small that Dh is afraid seh will get stepped on. Little One manages to stay out from big feet. No bigger than a small rat.
I need to catch up on blog reading. Haven't forgot about you. Just been stitching up a storm on Fun guy. Now to see about finishing a few UFO's.
Happy stitching

Saturday, September 12, 2015

September update, and in memorial

Hi everyone. Since my computer meltdown, and new computer programmed, I have been out of the habit of updates. I have been stitching up a storm and many things to show you.
But first. in memorial.
Years ago I had to move for work to support my son. As a result I left many people behind. At the time it was the only option I had. With 40 people competing for a single simple waitress job it was time to leave. There were no cell phones or computers back then. Every one changed/moved from places we knew. We finally connected a few weeks ago. This family helped me out so much when I needed it. Two weeks later Maxine passed from head trauma as a result of a fall. I called her my mum and daughter Karin was my bestie in high school. Karin still is. So many memories came flooding back when we found each other, only to be taken away, If I sound a little selfish in this it just my nature when I lose someone dear to me. The missing years melted away when we started to talk. So many memories came back in an instant. Things long forgotten. Maxine and family would welcome wayward kids into their arms and home. Asking nothing in return. Thank you for all the camping trips, family dinners and support. A time to treasure. Grateful that I was able to tell mum that she had helped me, more than she will ever know, when we reunited a few weeks ago. She loved life and her puppies
Maxine Luke march 1938/ september 2. 2015 

Have some finishes
A HAED Story Keep Evil Queen sewed into a very long bell pull banner.

SALAugust Palkolap.blogspot 

Country Cottage Needleworks
Christmas Birdhouse times 3

Brooke Nolan of Brookesbookspublishing.com
created Lizzie Minon as a freebie

September Palkolap.blogspot SAL

Finished Rose afghan into a quilt. Not the greatest picture. Not really this wrinkled looking

 The rose is from an old Leisure Arts booklet featuring the artwork of Paula Vaughn. Ended up stitching 23 roses for coverage.

 WIP's include adding the Mill Hill beads on Country Cottage Needleworks Fa La La, and Brooke's Books freebie birthday cake freebie, for bling.

Mandala, Angie Designer. I did not finish this part. As suspected, I had a lot of trouble keeping the froggies away. I ripped out enough stitches to finish the whole thing by now. Will most likely finish the pink flowers in the corner and make a tube pillow out of it. That is if I can work on it without ripping it to shreds.... I seem to have a problem stitching repetitive designs.

 Finished the part 6 of Fleurs Du Ciel. Did not like the black work so I found some lace that would work well in the spots on each side. This will be made into a large cushion, also.

Also stitching on Fun Guys Snowball Stocking this weekend. Haven't made enough progress, this time, to post a progress picture.
AND it is time for the halloween trims! Found these 9 yard spools for a dollar each at Wally world. After all the Christmas ornaments stitched this year I may be concentrating on Halloween ornaments in 2016.

Happy stitching!