Saturday, August 20, 2011


This is a Blackbird Designs, Rose Garden, project. I stitched this past 2 weeks. I had some pretty varigated DMC #5 perle cotton. Couldn't figure out what to do with and really wanted to get it out of my stash and used. One of those things that kind of stares at you until its used..... Matched thread up with a scrap of 28 count pale yellow fabric. Did not think I wold get a good result with ribbon and the sewing machine. Ended up sewing by hand, adding lace, 2 colors of nylon ribbon(pink and yellow) and quilt batting for padding. The ornament is a little bigger, at 6 x 8, by the time I had it sewed together.


While I am having Unfinished Projects fever, I found my hubby's stocking. Completed, but not sewn together. This week I dusted off my sewing machine and put his stocking together for him. He is estactic and insisted it be put on the wall! He loves the little dragon stockings, with the claws, hanging from dragins fireplace.
The cross stitch pattern is a Black Swans Designs Dragons By The Fire. I do not know if it is still availiable. As I stitched this one several years ago.