Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May SFS Report

Hi all. Hope everyone had a great month stitching!
My report is as follows
1. 3 Teacup Birdies Ornaments                       $24
2. May Palkolap SAL freebie                             $4
3. 1 page Fleurs                                                 $8
4.partial page 5 HAED SK Evil Queen              $4
5. full page 4 SK Evil Queen                             $15
                                       total earned                 $55

1. threads                                                            $13.60

 Monthly allowance  $25
earned   May           + $55
  spent                      $13.60
April carry over    +$171.97
carry over to june----------------
Happy Stitching!

May Smalls posting

Well. May sure got away from me. I didn't get as many smalls finished as in April. Only 3. This was due to a few detours with work, Fleurs Du Ciel and a HAED Story Keep Maleficent.
Here is what I finished.
Two more Teacup Birdies
 May Palkolap.blogspot SAL
Not a smalls, but here is my happy dance for the week. Pages 4 and 5 finished of HAED SK Evil Queen Maleficent. 5 Was not a full page. Only 7H X 75W.
This was my new start for the Disney SAL May Hurricane Hercules.
Since May is over, it is time to start June smalls.
There is always next year to finish up May.
Thanks for stopping in!
Happy stitching

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hermit update and a new start!

For this month's Hermit Stitchers update I have a new start.
HAED Story Keep Evil Qeen Maleficent. HAED has now changed the pattern name to Evil Queen to avoid name copyright issues.
This is a really fast stitch with barely any confetti stitches.
 Please ignore the red X through the image. I had troubles with printing directly off the HAED website. I always save the PDF, then print from my account from the HAED website before leaving the site. For some reason, the site intejected a completely different color key and pattern symbols. Weird symbols using funny letters with funny accent "tick" marks above the top of them. Even though the key symbols matched the pattern, it was incorrect and virtually unreadable. I emailed the owner, Michele, and she immediantly emailed another PDF. In return I emailed 3 pictures of the funny looking symbols to show I wasn't going nutty. This was at 8PM HAED time and I was extremely satisfied with their customer service. Curiosity got the better of me and I checked the original download I had saved on my computer. That is a correct PDF. I don't know what happened in translation, but I had to reprint Evil Queen and another pattern frm my HAED bookshelf. Using the original cardstock I marked a red X through the incorrect pages and inadvertantly marked through the front cover. Anywho, here is my new start for next weekends Hercules Hurricane for Disney Lovers FB SAL. I don't know how much I will get done as next weeknd is our Memorial Day holiday and we have guests coming. You know the drill. Spending the week running through the house cleaning every nook and cranny!

Stitchng on light blue 36 count linen, 2x2, full cross stitches. Love the colors is this one, as they are purples and lavenders so far.
Hope you had a productive Hermit weekend!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

May Turtle Trot and I made my Fleurs deadline!

My, how time flies when a stitcher is getting a lot done!
AND I have the best HUSBAND EVER!!!! More about that after my report.
Wishing everyone a very happy mothers day!
Tap on the adorable turtle, on my side bar, if you would like to join us in the turtle trot hosted by Claudette. Certainly inspirational in motivation to get multiple projects done.

1. Fabby Reily Peony biscornu


2. Joan Elliot Spirit of the Orient SAL
After. Finished the Koi fish except for the black beads for eyes.

 3. Joan Elliott Take Life One Scoop At a Time
 After. Using variagated light blues for the glass sundae cup. I have a little pet peeve with grays being used for snowmen and glass items. The blues are more pleasing to the eye.
4. Serenity Harbor Sampler SAL. Before
 After. This sampler is released in 12 monthly parts. I have been dragging my feet on this one. Due to the reason that I am waiting for
a part, to be released, that gets to the main design of this piece. I always have the sneaky suspicion I will miss on counting the vine and throw the whole design of kilter. The 4th part revealed the sampler countryside and will start that next round. I would rather reference the vine to the countryside, than rely on my counting the vine properly.

 5. Fleurs du Ciel, Angie Designer SAL
I stitched madly, on this one, this past week and made the May 10 deadline. THEN forgot to email a picture to Angie last night....
 After. I finally, (or think I have) decided on a variegated color for the lacy center.
6. Rose Goddess, Joan Elliot
No progress due to Fleurs SAL deadline
7. Joan Elliot Faces SAL. No progress due to Fleurs.
8. Mill Hill Owls
9. Magaret Sherry Friends from the 2012 WOCS calendar book
 After. Even have some back stitching done. Hope to finish this, for halloween, this year
10. Mystic Garden QS, HAED 2013 SAL, 36 count linen, 2x2, full cross stitch
 After About 600 stitches!
 Other things I am stitching this past week
 Teacup Birdies

Monthly SAL palkolap

Now to the best husband ever!!! Hobby Lobby has been blowing out their Artiste threads. Too bad it took a massive sale to catch my attention. Threads are color fast variegated and 100% egyptian cotton. Very soft to work with. Dye lots do vary. I also belong to the Stitch From Stash yearly event. In trying to stay within the budget allowed I bought 49 skeins with money I earned from ebay sales and credits earned from finishing projects with the SFS guidelines. DH needed some paint from Hobby Lobby. I printed some coupons and off we went on a paint expedition. I planned to buy some more of the sales threads. Gathered up more colors. I truely did not realize how many skeins I had in the basket. DH had been telling me to empty the racks and get it over with. The poor cashier counted up the skeins, tapped in the total and I nearly fell over. DH never batted an eye and paid for the threads. I was trying to put some back and DH told me happy mothers day. And he was happy he could finally buy me something I really wanted. BEST HUSBAND EVER!!!!
with the 49 skeins I bought a few weeks ago, and the skeins from this past week, we have a total of 303 skeins of floss.
My sister friend Michelle has been knitting marvelous Hello Kitty's
Here is Michelle's latest creation and she is amazing!
Wishing you all a great mothers day today. I am off to put my ham in the oven and start potato salad.
Thanks for stopping by and happy stitching!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

May YOTA update, I strayed....

Well... I did stitch. But strayed away from my two focus pieces in order to meet a may 10th SAL deadline. This is Fleurs de Ciel by Angie Designer

Two pages, of Fleurs, are released every two months. Amazing how the two months can speed by like Mario Andretti on the Indiana Speedway.... Still have a bit to go. Should be caught up before the 10th. Haven't decided on a color for the "lacy" center of this design. Was playing around with some variagated colors/threads and still not come to a consensus.

Have been working on a garden under our trees. Very shady in the afternoon. Planted some hostas and they are blooming. Hope to haul in some compost from the work yard. Wishing for today, but not looking good so far. Maybe tomorrow.
 DH brought over all my barrels of plants from the work yard. He even WEEDED them all! Yes, I was in shock too! My amaryllis have spent way too many years in pans. Since 2008. They are quite crowded and can't wait to get them in the ground. The blooming one is not too bad. My other pans are overflowing. Plus I have a dozen, in the house, that are seedlings from some cross pollinating we did. Good thing they don't mind being crowded. Also have planted some gladiola bulbs that Home Depot was blowing out last fall. They spent the winter in my refrigerator and have been growing nicely. They will go in the fruit tree garden. We bought 6 fruit tree's at Lowes for 23$ each. How could we resist that!!
 Morty kitty had claimed one of our new rocking chairs for his own. He is quite pleased with himself!

Happy stitching!