Saturday, May 4, 2013

My how time flies! Garden, felt and cross stitch!

Goodness! Another month gone by. Near summer already. Although, the 40 degrees weather. the last few nights, begs to differ. Broke several records for the month and it is just started.
The garden doesn't seem to mind the cold. Meet the newest members of our flower family. We finally found a yellow Hibiscus!

This big beauty is the largest Hibiscus, so far.
  One of the lighter colored Iris flowers.

Miniature tea rose.
 And an interesting and kind of weird looking Gerbera Daisy.
I had a few small cross stitch finishes and even managed to get a few of last months ornaments sewn up.

Hello Kitty in a bunny suit.
 Can't remember if I put this in last months blog. JBW French Country Hen.
  Snoopy and Woodstock ornament. Well, at 10 inches, more like a small bell pull!
 Also sewn into finishes are The JBW French Country Bunny's.

                                                                 Fuzzy flowers.
  White rose heart stitched with #8 perle cotton.

Flag and baby robin. I found an older Brooke's Books patriotic design of Uncle Sam and Lady liberty on the Kreinik website. Thinking of making a sampler with this flag and the Brooke's Books design.

Wip's for this month include
A Wizards Veiw, artist Joan Elliott
This is my YOTA piece for this month. The UFO SAL can be found at this link

After. Not much done with the beast of heavy work the last two weeks. Did manage to get the gold back stitched in the frame trim.
Other WIP's for this months rotation includes
Bubble Telescope. Made some good progress on this one! Have 2 finished bottom pages. A third bottom page only has about 25 stitches left. Second row has 2 pages that are 3/4s finished. May meet my yearly HAED goal on this one.
Mystic Garden, the HAED 2013 SAL
Also worked on is a "swirly" cat and Brooke's Books Spring house. My camera battery decided to go dead before I could get picture's. May be able to finish those for next month.
More felt fun. Back last year I queried Brooke's Books group for ides on needle books. I received some very good ideas. Due to time constraints, I settled for the "ole" magnet strips and an eye glass case. Worked fine as long as I didn't open the case...  My solution came through Pinterest. One young lady was showing off her Iphone case she made. In looking at her case, I thought this would be a good start in manufacturing a needle case. As it turned out, I was able to make a pocket for scissors, too. After much drawing and sewing, this is what I came up with.
                                                           Open with needle and scissors.

 Closed with a heart button and a hair band sewn in for a clasp.

Had fun with some shapes
  And a fairy. She turned out to be about 12 inches tall. Took me a week to decide what to embroider on the wings. Finally looked at some butterfly wings to get ideas. Used glitter felt for sparkle.

Michelle has also been creative this month with knitting more mice.
Mickey and Mini Mouse!!


French horn!

 And Michelle is branching out into other animals! Cute Kitty cats!
        The tiny hearts, on kitty's blouse, are cut by hand from organza ribbon. Absolutely adorable!
                                                         Think that covers the month, for now. Thank you for stopping by and happy stitching! Deb