Saturday, July 23, 2011


Finished the beading and sewing this afternoon!  I took 4 UFO"s with me, and an ongoing project, when visiting my son's family and new grand baby. Knowing their schedule would be much different than mine, as my son works 3rd shift, I took plenty of projects to keep me busy for 10 days. It has been a number of years since I had nothing to do but stitch! Finishing tips for the pillow is in the Midnight Magic Kitty post. Now it is back to the Joan Elliott Wizard.


This seems to be the month for UFO's. As I finally finished beading 2 Mill Hill projects. I can thank the Silver Needle Shop for the finishing idea's for both Mil Hill kits. A few years ago I had the pleasure of visiting their wonderful shop and spent a lot of time digging through charts, kits, beads and fabric. When sewing these into hanging "pillows", I found that basting the ruffle to the stitched piece made it easier to control the "eveness" of the ruffle and make a straight line. On linen, baste the ruffle atleast 12 to 14 threads away from the stitched border. And on aida cloth, atleast 6 to 7 stitches from the stitched border. Giving some fabric space for stitching the backing and ribbon in place with the ruffle. Forgive my bow tying. NOT my strong point. I hear there is some tpye of bow tying "thingy" that can be purchased. But haven't invested in one.


Another UFO (un finished object) completed. The cross stitch has been done for sometime. Getting around to the beading was another thing! She is not framed yet. For now she will be rolled up until I can find her frame that is packed away, or find another at a craft shop.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I have a UFO (un finished object) to report as finished and framed!
This one was stored for about 3 years, until I could decide what to do with the bottom right corner. I guess I would define as "stitchers block".  Finally decided on some wording. I designed the birds nest, bunny rabbit and the wording. The rest of the design came from a magazine. Can not remember which magazine. Now to find some wall space.....

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lilly's birth announcement

I just noticed that Lilly's birth announcement pic did not make it in the blog. So here she is!

More past projects!

Projects past!

These are some of the projects completed over the years. I can truthfully say that I have probably stitched over 600 projects, big and small. Many of them large projects, as I seem to gravitate towards those!

Joan Elliott's A Wizards View WIP!

I am currently stitching out of Joan Elliott's book Bewitching Cross Stitch. This one is "A Wizards View" It is a large project and have been working on this one since march 2011. With a break for Lilly's project and currently crocheting 3 blankets for the grand kids. But the blamkets are not due until christmas! So many projects and not enough hands!

Another WIP update! And yes, I know it looks like the mad stitcher has a hold of this one. But that is the way I work. Get bored with one part of the pattern and start on another. Well, as long as I reference the stitches properly so the design is not off.

Lilly's birth announcement

I had fun stitching this one for the new grandchild! I did re engineer the orginal design. Changing a few colors, adding beads, silk ribbon roses and deleting rain drops. Shouldn't rain on a baby's announcement!