Thursday, September 29, 2016

Some January Challenge finishes

Hi all
Have some january challenge finishes. I started 60 smalls and medium pieces. Have finished 17 of those. Plus finished 3 HAED fb challenges. I thought I would have had more january challenge pieces done by now.ANd joined way too many challenges again. But, as it usually happens to me life, specifically kittens, gets in the way. The girls have grown quite a bit. Bridget is now almost three pounds and Maya is over 3 pounds. They are both 3 months old. Can't believe how fast they have grown. To remember Bridget only about 3 inches long in body(not including her tail), blind and not sure she would survive. Well. it doesn't seem like the same kitten! Maya, and Bridget are never far from one another.

 And they seem to be obsessed with each others tails. A prime target for a good round of wrestling!

 Finishes include December Birthday cake. A freebie from Brooke's Books sales site.

 August Birthday Cake, Brooke's Books.
 Lizzie Kate Chicks. Added flowers at the bottom for extra sparkle and to make the piece big enough for an ornament.
Lizzie Kate Happy Haunting

 Lizzie Kate November Stamp. DMC threads
 January Cake, Brooke's Books

 This is a Country Cottage Needleworks design from the 2013 Just Cross Stitch magazine christmas ornament issues. Fabric is 32 count Serenade from Polstitches.

This is my MArch Pony. AND not available until I can get Hubby's PDF files to work, Hopefully this weekend....

October Pony is also finished. The PDF pattern is available in my ETSY store.
 I finished the HAED Parking challenge. Have to admire anyone who can park and LIKE it! Never so happy to finish a challenge in my life. (okay, a bit over dramatic, but you get the picture...)
 Picked up another january piece. And got a bit more done.

 Only a 100 more to go... But, I wouldn't do that if it wasn't fun!
Good day to everyone.