Sunday, February 2, 2014


I really have a good excuse for seemingly dropping off the face of this old earth. Renovating an older home and moving. Not exactly in that order.... While we did quite a bit of work before moving in, there is still much to do. My biggest problem, currently, is trying to fit a 2500 square foot house into a 1344 square foot house. Not an easy task. Will have a grand yard sale this summer. Still have the garden to move and can't do that until the roofers are done. Along with other work. Our weather is just not cooperating at the moment. I will take some cheese with this wine and stop.
In spite of drowning in packing boxes I have managed to get some stitching done the last two weeks. Have been working on my HAED Fun Guys Snowballs Stocking.I have a hand!
 And i was stitching this Biscornu, stitched with Kreinik #4 braid, together when I realized my fiberfill stuffing was buried in my craft room somewhere. YES! I have a craft room finally. My craft zone desk has been moved and reinstalled in my new room. Now if I could just find it! The desk I mean...

Thought I would add in some of my HAED page goals completed. The one that shows the most progress in the 2013 HAED SAL Mystic Garden.
Sadly, there is not to be a 2014 SAL.
Bubble Telescope
I was fortunate enough to finish all my page goals and have a new HAED list for 2014.

Finished these biscornu, stitched with Kreinik #4 braid and Mill Hill beads, just before Christmas. Had a great time with Kreinik and Biscornu in 2013. Have many more planned for 2014.

I hope to have a better update next time. Need to get caught up with all my monthly SAL's. They have gone by the wayside since moving.
Hope all of you are staying warm and cozy!
Happy stitching