Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Catching up!

Hi everyone! New computer is programmed and ready to go. It took me awhile to get used to this one. Have worked with laptops and not a home computer. DH bought me a touch pad mouseless key board. I found out that I am not coordinated enough to use a real mouse... Maybe thats why I am not very good at playing space invaders....

Have some finished to brag upon! AND they are both former UFO's! Finished not only one but TWO, yes two, HAED WIP's. As a result, and I never thought I would be able to say this, A top header tab for finished HAED's will be added.

Meet muchy boy. HAED QS Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate. 36 count tea dyed linen, full cross, 2 DMC threads over 2 fabric threads, Artist Randal Spangler. Found the most adorable chocolate chip cookie fabric. He ended up being a 16 inch pillow. 32, 752 stitches.

Next is the 2013 HAED freebie SAL Mystic Garden, artist Ciro Marchetti, 36 count hand dyed blue linen, full cross, 2DMC over 2 fabric threads. Made into a 14 inch pillow. This a QS from the full sized Peacock Garden by Ciro Marchetti. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 19,650 stitches.
Only managed to finish one christmas ornament in july. This one is Remy Rabbit. One of Brooke's Books advent animals.

Palkolap.blogspot July ornament finish. The thread on this one is Hobby Lobby brand Artiste Satin color Peacock. Normally I wouldn't work with a satin rayon thread. Loved the color on this one and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was easy to work with. No fraying or knotting.

Here is the start of August. Again using the Artiste Satin thread. Color is Earthy.

Other WIP's include
Fractal SAL. Love the yellow. So cheerful! 40 count sandstone linen, 2 DMC over 2 fabric threads.

 Angie Designer Mandala SAL. 32 count opalescent belfast linen.
 Country Cottage Needlworks, Sweet Land of Liberty. 36 count hand dyed linen, 2 over 2

Joan Elliott, Take Life One Scoop at a Time, 32 count sand linen, DMC variations and DMC threads.

SK HAED Evil Queen Maleficent discontinued chart. Artist Anya Kai, 2DMC threads over 2 fabric threads, 36 count hand dyed linen.
In looking at the picture I realised that this is an older progress report. Have most of the black stitched to the top of page three and started page two. Hope to have my queen done soon. As I have her in the 6 month HAED goals challenge.

Found this pattern on the Danybroad88 blog as a freebie. Now that it is stitched I can't think of what to do with her. Found some nice finishing fabric, tho. A needlebook? Small pillow? Box top?

 Angie Designer, Fleurs du Ciel SAL. 36 count hand dyed linen, 2DMC over 2 fabric threads.

Have made progress my Turtle Trot WIP's. Have been stitching even though my computer was down. Still never figured out how to get pic's in from my Ipad. Even with the Blogspot APP.

Meet Huggable! Another of Randal Spangler's Draglings.
Have to try resisting another start. Want to finish Maleficent first. Oh stop laughing... You know I have no will power what so ever. Will get him bobbined up and ready to go .
Until next time
Happy stitching!