Wednesday, June 24, 2015

YAY!!! Smals update!

Hi everyone! June has been a great stitchy month and have a lot to show you. I did a sort of experiment, at the first of june, to see if I could finish an ornament a day for a week. That was fun and I did manage to finish stitching 7 ornies in a week
Smalls finishes this month include
Lizzie Kate June with DMC Variations threads

 Lizzie Kate July with DMC Variations threads

Lizzie Kate Meow Blocks.
I changed the black and white cat to ginger color
like our Morty kitty.

Meet Dragon Hugs! This is a Maria Diaz monthly freebie from her website. Stitched for DH.

This is an Aury TM design freebie from her website. Stitched a few years ago and finally finished into an ornament.

 Brooke's Books June Birthday cake.
 Brooke's Books Pinic Group 1 Rockets
 Palkolap blog June monthly SAL
My two Christmas ornaments for the month are
 Brooke's Books Grumpy Cat
 And Snowman Trio, designer Country Cottage Needleworks
 Letter E, Lesley Teare Flower Blocks SAL
 Letter F
 Letter G

 Two Icecream cones freebies from the Cricket Collection website.

 Other things I am stitching this past week were Rose Goddess, Joan Elliott. Fabric is Polstitches 28 count Serenade, Stitching this one over one thread.

 HAED QS Evil Queen Maleficent. 36 count linen, 2x2, full cross. This was my Disney Hurricane Lago weekend piece. Page three in progress.

 Fractal SAL
 Mandala Flowers Angie Designer SAL.
 Country Cottage SAL
 Fleurs du Ciel Angie Designer SAL

On a sad note. One of my Favorite designers, Joan Elliott, was in a terrible accident. A trailer, towed by a car, came across the center line and plowed into the car Joan was in. Breaking Joan's collar bone, ribs, sternum and other body parts. Even after this horrific accident Joan told everyone she is "fine" and hope to be home from the hospital very soon. Now, I can't imagine saying "fine" after such a terrible accident. We hope that Joan's great spirit will carry her through to a speedy recovery.

My Ami soeur Michelle is busy knitting her petit animals and I love seeing these marvelous creations.

 Her superb knitted clothes are perfect in every way.

 Michelle uses DMC #8 and #12 perle cottons.
Still amazes me that Michelle uses knitting needles the size of hat pins!

Wishing everyone a happy stitchy day!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Late June YOTA post

Have a late YOTA post. Linda, over at Pull The Other Thread is kindly hosting the SAL for us. The link is on my side bar if you would like to join us!
 I was quietly sitting and stitching on my boy Fun Guy Stocking. Getting ready to update for my YOTA. THEN DH comes in and says "I'm going to install the new WiFi!" Cool! The old one was slow and a 2006 model. DH told me an hour installation, tops. Uh huh...... 6 hours later, with a road service call interruption, our internet was back on. Was having withdrawel because every time i reached for my Ipad I had to slap my hand. The old hand was looking pretty red after 6 hours..... In the mean time I cleaned up the confetti stitching on my guys collar and vest. While stitching I was distracted by the white snow "blobs" on my boys face. Decided to add some Kreinik pearl blending filament over the top of the lighter snow stitches. And the two gray stitches in his eyes. Much better result. His eyes have a sparkle and the light face blobs look more like sparkly snow.
HAED Fun Guys Snowballs Stocking, artist Linda Ravenscroft, 36 count linen, 2x2, full cross
Getting to the point where I can get a good run at his wings. Hope to have these two pages done for my HAED goals this year.


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