Monday, August 22, 2016

Long time no see. Lots of news!

How is everyone? Have lots of new so get ready to read a book, lol!
I did participate in the facebook January challenge. Have lots of WIP's in the works. However, I had some interruptions. Two to be exact!
Was at the work yard on July 4th. Loading things in the portable garage for a move. Closed the door and left for the night. Next afternoon i was throwing pipe in the front of the garage. Heard a desperate cry. Went outside to see if a kitten was in distress. No kitten to be found. Went back into the garage, moved some plyboard and found a hungry, cold, dirty and desperate 6(or8) day old kitten under a work bench. Apparently she was put in the garage the day before and we didn't know it. This was the second time we rescued this kitten. Ferral mother(Fuzzy Butt) was no where to be found this time. Quick trip to the vet for kitten milk and a bottle. The Vet warned us she may not live. I didn't even name her for a few days. But, kitten fought to live so I named her Bridget. Celtic for feisty strong.

So tiny. I weighed her two days after we started bottle feeding her and Bridget was 3.1 ounces.
Kitty burrito after her bath.

 About 10 days later another, older kitten needed to be saved. Maya is about 11 days older than Bridget. Since then these two little fur balls have taken over the house.
 Okay, well we have an adult home and no where to put up breakables. DH found this at a local thrift shop for $20. We had wood, and mesh, for the door. Added casters and we have a kitty condo.
 Which the girls love. They even go back to it when I am busy and they need a nap.
 Best kitty toy ever!!!

When I am not busy they are a purring machine!

 Okay, on to stitching! Several major finishes so far this year! HAED on FB, started some challenges. Already have too many WIP's and decided to work on Mini Autumn Cat. After stitching one page for the challenge. I kept stitching and finished him. Started in 2012 I am very pleased this one is finally done.

Another big finish is HAED Fun Guys Snowballs stocking. Both Autumn Cat and Fun Guy were started in July 2012 and so it was fitting to finish them both in the same month.

 The following finishes are pat of my january challenge pieces.
Lizzie Kate April Flip it
 Lizzie Kate Sweet Land
Lizzie Kate snippet
Lizzie Kate Wanted snippet

 HAED challenge 1 was this!
 Finished the bottom pages enough to start challenge 3
Parking! HATE IT!!! half of the challenge page done. Had this been cross country stitching the page would have been done days ago. But, it is a challenge after all.
Oh, the Alice needleminder is from Gina's Needleminders on fb.

These are lemon seeds from store bought lemons. Wanted to see if they would actually grow a tree. The empty looking cups are avocado seeds. Hubby hopes that there will be a tree sprouting as he loves avocados. I don't care for them myself. But, if they sprout it looks like I may need to learn to deal with them.

I have more challenge pieces waiting for beads and finishing.
I have also started designing my own patterns. Drawings and charting is the easy part. Stitching out, and editing my own designs are another thing! I do like seeing my ponies come to life and hope there will be many more. Here are some that I have finished and have PDF's for sale on ETSY.
 This is Christmas Holly Pony stitched on Polstitches Crocus fabric
 September Pony and January Pony. Will have a pony for each month.
 February Pony available in both small and larger size.
The start of October Pony. Am a lot further along and realized I hadn't take a picture yet. Stitching this on Polstitches Crushed Apple fabric. Beautiful color for autumn pieces.

My design company is DWH Pony Stitches
If you are interested my ETSY store link is

Come Join me on my facebook closed group. I hope to have a SAL, at the begining of 2017, when I have more designs available. Plus a freebie, or two, are in the works.

Really appreciate those who have hung on and are still following my blog.
Happy stitching!