Monday, August 19, 2013


Time for the International Hermits Stitch Weekend update for August. Basically I worked on two projects. Both are HAED. In January, of every year, HAED has a yearly goals challenge. If one completes your page goal set for the year, one is entered into a random drawing for a free chart of stitchers choice,  for each month of the following year. Total of 12 charts. Quite a prize if the page goals can be finished. I have a problem with this. As a cross country stitcher, meaning that I take a color and run with it as long as I can and where my needle takes me, I have found it difficult to complete pages. I stitch way more than the original projected page finishes. But, still am not completing specific page numbers. I took this weekend as an opportunity to try and finish required pages. And am closer to my yearly goals on both Bubbles Telescope and Mini Autumn Cat Magic.
Autumn Cat before, 36 count linen, 2 over 2, full cross. For the first hour it seemed like 2 stitches forward and 1 frogged back. Don't know what I was thinking on the last stitch session with kitty. But, it certainly wasn't stitching..... After a rough start, I was on my way for the rest of the weekend.
 After. Estimate 1200 stitches, give or take. I really don't keep track much. As any stitch is a walk towards a finish. Amazing to me how so many stitches can be put in these HAED and it still looks like nothing much has been done!
 Bubble Telescope. 36 count linen. 2 over 2, full cross. Before.
 After. Really got a good amount of confetti stitches filled in this weekend!
Hope you had a great weekend!
Thanks for visiting and, as always, happy stitching to all!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Well. I have an excuse for a late post.... My camera battery has decided to hit the dust. It is still charging a little so it is slightly useable. Darn thing is only 8 1/2 years old. So, will be trying to hunt a replacement up. That's my story and I am sticking to it and not telling you that I also forgot it was the 13th ALREADY! Where has the month gone, who stole it and will they please give it back!
I had some finishes!
 This is my pride and joy for the month! Brooke's Books Belinda the Bat Witch from the 2013 Halloween Collectors issue of JCS magazine. I didn't have the #8 Kreinik. So I blended 2 strands. One strand of  #4 005 black Kreinik and one strand #4 Kreinik #3533 Purple Mambo for her cape. The DMC Memory thread was easy to work with. It is soft and easily shaped with fingers. Had an extra scroll rose and decided to use it for a purse.
This is a quilt square for a young lady who is to have back surgery next year. Done and mailed off.
 I made a mistake that turned into an ornament for someone in the hospital. I bought a package of 14 count aida. Package stated 12 inches by 18 inches. I had Gracie's quilt square nearly finished and decided to check in to verify the size of fabric needed. Well, the packaged fabric only measured 11 1/4 inches by 17 1/4 inches. I bought a larger package of fabric by a different manufacturer and restitched the proper size for Gracie. This is the first one made into an ornament.
 WIP's for the week include Mystic Garden HAED 2013 sal. Not a whole lot of stitches. About 100.

 New start. Precious Moments Butterfly Fairy for the new grand baby

 New start is a Jim Shore piece.
 Still having issues with the blocky Autumn Cat Magic.
I have many WIP's and there are 2 new links on the left side bar. They are my WIP's and Finished works. The links are at the top of the old numbered listings for the years work. So you can see what my WIP's are supposed to look like when finished!
Thank you for stopping by. Happy stitching!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hi every one
Hope this finds you comfy and cool from the summer heat!
The garden is still blooming. But the heat is taking its toll. All we can do is keep watering. Fortunately the garden has the shade of three big trees to keep them from baking in the Texas sun. I do have some inside blooms with our violets.

Have been working on the YOTA SAL.Here is the link if you wish to jion in.
Still working on the Joan Elliott Wizards View. YAY! The cross stitch is finished and some of the back stitching is done. There are lots of beads. Maybe I can get this finished by the end  of the year!
                                                   After. Stitched in the hands and outlined.
Have another UFO SAL going with the Brooke's Books bb interactive group.
This is Vermillion Peppers pillow from the JCS magazine.
  After. Will try to get some more stitching in, on this one, before monday.

 Finished Baked Goods into an ornament.There is a story behind this one. I don' care for using glue on needle work. Decided that in order to get the finish I wanted I was going to have to use glue... I have everything laid out on the snack bar. Including the glue. Whilest I am cutting the foam board, DH comes in and says " I see glue... You never use glue" Yes, there is glue on the counter. "when were you going to tell me?" Never... "You mean you were going to keep this a SECRET!" YES! to the grave. DH just walked off mumbling something about secrets and shaking his head.
However, when the results were revealed, DH decided that maybe the experiment with glue was a good thing.
Besides, it gave me a chance to use this great looking braided trim!
 LK's Getting Old received the same treatment with glue and foam board.
Found this in a box, cut it out and made an ornament. Stitched on gold perforated paper.

Lizzie Kate Flip it piece. 
WIP"S include
HAED 2013 SAL Mystic Garden. Only about 100 stitches, as the weekly sal has just started.
 This is Gracie's quilt square. Have the heart done and outlined. This is a freebie chart from another blog. This blogger has a multitude of free charts. Lots of cats and owls! Here is the link
Reçue d'une Amie ! - Mes petites croix et moi !
I found a gorgeous stained glass tree.
 HAED Fun Guy was in last weeks sal. Had a problem with the heel ever since I started this piece. Had to come in from a different angle to correct. A little bit of frogging and back on tack.
 Mirabillia"s Silver Moon Tea has a few added stitches.
And I seem to have "start itis" this week. Looking to start this blackbird bell pull by Jim Shore and Mill Hill. Have it kitted up with the required fabric and even have the wrought iron hardware. Trying to restrain myself as I still have more christmas stitching to do. Okay... a lot of christmas stitching to do. 
Have been unpacking boxes and trying to reduce our possessions as we rent a small house.  Last month, while performing this daunting task, I came across some quilt tops that I had sewn together a couple of years ago. Nothing exactly fabulous. Just 4 inch squares sewn together. This week I took one of the tops and sewed border, backing, batting and managed to sew on a passable binding. Have 2 sides of the binding, on the back side, to finish hand sewing. Here is what the quilt looks like so far.
After the backing and batting was sewn in.
 I have never been a good quilter. Mainly because I am always in a hurry. I haven't been working with DH for the last 2 months and decided that, once and for all, I was going to take the time and work at making good corners and binding. Decided I wanted mitered corners.
 This is with the binding. Still have to finish the backside hand stitching.
 And I managed to, half way, get the binding correct. Well, at least no one will notice if they walk by real fast. The batting is sewn in with the outer quilt edges. Will machine embroider some red work birds and butterflies to anchor the batting in the center and corners.
   My friend Michelle sent me an amazing Pixie Card and some Ginger Bread Men for embellishing some cross stitch finishes! The Pixies are for good luck. And, I will take all the good luck we can use.
Michelle also emailed some absolutely marvelous pictures of her new, 2 3/4 inch tall characters. Michelle continually amazes me with her imagination, attention to detail and the wonderful charms she finds for her babies.                                   So pretty!

Farming community with both cats and mice. Love all the detail, beautiful knitting and baskets of produce. I just sat, entirely stunned, when Michelle emailed this picture. Totally amazing!

                                             Love  the pipe and carrots. Adorable!
 The bicycle is from a child's moble hanger.
  Morty must be a teenager. He does not like to smile for his close up and gives me this "NOT AGAIN!" look.
 Doctor mouse is fabulous!
 Very well prepared and carries his files with him!
Lastly, I keep forgetting to post a pic of my TSUAL. Changed it from the bucket size, I started with, to a big jar. Moved my stitching light to the living room and didn't have room for the bucket.

                                     Have a stitchey weekend and very happy you took the time to stop by!