Like many of you, I have other crafty things I do. Here is a sample of them!
Machine embroidery!
Back of a shirt

Ceramics! I don't like using glazes. I like to fire greenware to bisque and use stains. This way I can see the colors now. Instead of wondering what something will look like when using opaque looking glazes. I love to paint!
 This is a two piece ceramic kitty and pillow.
I painted this dragon for my dear hubby!

 Bunny rabbits

Crocheted doilies for my miniature tea sets.
 These are string and lace angels. I recently found them while unpacking my craft room.
 The angels make nice holiday decorations!
 Rug latch kit. Although, i don't do this often because the canvas is rough on the hands.

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Linda Craig said...

I didn't know they even still had ceramic shops around anymore. I used to do them years ago and I even had a Duncan certified teacher certificate. Wish we still had them around here it was fun.