Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I am thrilled to recieve the Liebster award from Tracey! Her blog is fun to visit!
Liebster is german for favorite and was created to bring attension to new and upcoming stitchers blogs with 200 or less followers.
Took me awhile to pass it on to 5 more stitchers. So here goes!
There are a few things to so when awarded the Liebster Blog Award
1. Choose 5 up and coming blogs with 200 or less followers. So here is my five
Glenna of
for her wonderful stitching.
Barbara of
for her beautiful stitching and her upbeat look upon life, stitching and illness.
The Country Stitcher of
for her amazing humor of life on the farm and her amazing stitching! Don't know how she has time with farm life!
Holly of
Holly is a beginner cross stitcher and crochets gorgeous doll clothes! We need to cheer her on with her cross stitch. Holly is still in the "frustrations" stage.
Melissa of
She just recieved her 200th follower. But, her beautiful blog and expertly stitched projects are a joy to look through. A must stop for any stitcher!
2. The next requirement is to post the link back to the blogger who gifted the award. I would like to thank Tracey for such an honor!
3. Post the award on your blog!
4. Share 5 random facts paople may not know about you
    1. I love pasta, the more cheese the better!
    2. I actually like helping hubby with diesel repair service
    3. Love to mow the yard and water the flowers
    4. I was a mouthy teenager to my mom, then when I got married the second time, I had the only husband in the world who complained his wife didn't talk to him( he can't shut me up now!)
    5. I regret not saving more money, before hubby became ill. (he is healthy, now)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hello again! I seem to have blogitis! Have been stitching smaller designs and has been fun to post all of them as they are fihished stitching. This one is 4" wide by about 6" high. I am getting quite a pile of stitched work to sew together or frame up. This snowman is from the same freebie blog/website as the quaker heart. The link is with the first posting of the heart if you wish to look them up. I decided to make a pom pom for snowy's hat. Never made one this small and next time I will definaltely add more floss to the making. I did take a needle with extra floss and run it through the knot, to add more threads, so the pom pom would be thicker.  The colors are a little different from the original pattern and I used DMC variations for the nose,trees and hat..

Friday, March 23, 2012


My mind is slipping.... I finished this sometime ago and thought I had posted the finish. DH has John sitting on his shelf, infront of his computer. My first portrait.


The heart was a quick stitch! 3 evenings. A real record for me since I quit driving! I haven't had time for finishing and can't decide whether to frame this one or make a pillow. The couch is kinda full. But, I do have 3 more walls, since the diesel repair was moved to the new garage! The quaker pumpkins were also fun to stitch. I have really enjoyed the DMC color variations. It took a whole skein of the pink for the heart.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Last week, sometime, Nancy from BBinteractive group expressed she was working on a quaker heart. I have been interested in stitching a quaker design. But, some are a little too "busy" for me. Beautiful medalions, but toooooo many in one spot. Nancy was kind enough to post the link:
I spent a lot of time and ink printing out a few of the wonderful and high quality freebies, including this quaker heart. I started it this morning, after finishing mr snowman. Using DMC color variations floss/thread. It is slow going with making single cross stitches, one at a time. But is well worth the effort to have a good color variation. The size will be about 5 3/4" x 6" on 32 count fabric. A big thank you to Nancy for the link to this great site.


I went on strike today! I have not stitched in nearly 2 weeks due to taxes and the repair service. Infact we had 3 hours sleep in 40 hours between tuesday and wednesday. Never did get caught up from that. But, work is work! So sunday I decided I was not working in the yard and did 5 loads of laundry, cooked and washed dishes. Have to wash them the old fashioned way, as we don't have a dishwasher.... Okay, so I was on a partial strike... But I did get to finish outlining and attaching beads on my snowman. Used Mill Hill 40161 petite beads in place of the white french knots. I am not good at the knots and decided the beads would add more sparkle. The picture size is about 6.75 inches x 7 inches. A little larger than the kit, due to changing the aida fabric to a different count linen. The 8"x8" frame is a Larson, that I bought on ebay for 10.95 plus shipping cost. Not a bad deal, as the frame is wood with good supports installed in each corner.