Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Stitch From Stash

Well, I am still buying things.. But I seem to be keeping up with credits from finishes.
My carry over from the last two months is $109.76.
This month I stitched
1. Brooke's Books Birthday cake freebie       $8
2.St Patricks day cat                                         $2
3. March ornament SAL                                    $4
4.Ellen Maurer March flowers ornament        $8
5. Spirit of Knitting basket                               $2
6. 1 page complete SAL Fleurs                        $8
7. Brooke's Books Santa ornament                 $8

                                                          earned     $40
                                           budget allowed   +$25

                                                  carry over    +$109.76
                                                 total budget = $174.76

1. Book                                                            $4.86
2. Just Nan Blue Bird Tweet                         $11.70
3. DMC Variations threads                            $7.14
4. Fabric                                                          $24.10
5 Kreinik Blending filament(10)                   $15.40
                                                           spent    $63.20

budget $174.76
spent -  $63.20
next   = +$111.56
I don't know if this is doing me any good as I am still spending money.  But I do get to see how much I am stitching verses what I am spending. Which is beneficiary. So far, I'm staying ahead of my own game.
Happy stitching!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March Smalls update. Lots done!

Time for the March Smalls update and I have been busy.
Have finished a few smalls in following through with my monthly theme.
March from the palkolap.blogspot monthly SAL

tiny  St. Patricks Day Cat from the
 March birthday cake. A Brooke's Books yahoo group freebie gifted to our group. Almost out of the smalls category at 88 stitches high.
 Monthly March Daffodils freebie from Ellen Maurer-Stroh
Have been stitching my Lesley Teare flower blocks E and F. Not quite finished yet. So will have them in next months update.
Now! To get a start on Aprils ornaments!
Thx for stopping in!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Hermit weekend.How I love Kreinik, let me count the ways!

It is time for the Hermit Stitchers weekend update! WOW, where did the weekend go. Poof and it's gone.
I have turned into a Kreinik fiend! Have been using the 032 pearl blending filament with my DMC floss/thread and back stitching with Kreinik #4 braid. AWESOME!!
I had limited time to stitch this past weekend. Still got a bit done. Here is Spirit of the Ornament SAL
 I have been struggling with this design. Not my usual taste, but starting to grow on me due to the colors. I am way behind and will work on the suggested blocks each week. Did get the verse straightened out as I was one stitch high on one of the bottom lines.
 I received the letters E,F,G and H for the Lesley Teare SAL. Finally had a chance to start stitching them yesterday. The flowers on the E and F are the same color. Decided to do them both at the same time. Also using Kreinik Blending filament in these.
Michelle has been knitting more creations!
 AMAZING! Michelle knits these with knitting needles that a like hat pins.

I hope spring is in your sights and the snow is not lingering in your neck of the woods.
Thanks for stopping by and happy stitching!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March Turtle Trot!

Hi everyone. Hope you are well!
I have my March Turtle Trot update and have some progress to show.
1. Ursula Michael Snowmen SAL

After, one square, of nine, done. Not too pleased with this one. I used DMC light effects for back stitching and the fabric started bunching up. It will be finished as a pillow. I hope that the bunching will not be an issue as a frame would be.

2. Joan Elliot, Spirit of the Orient SAL
 After. I frogged the lettering, on the second line, last night and forgot to take a pic. It was one stitch high and corrected that.
3. 3 Little House Needleworks Hot Cocoa
4. Serenity Harbor was not stitched this month. I did get the next instalment and will play catchup for next month.
 5. Fleurs du Ciel, Angie Designer SAL
 6. Holiday Bear, Ursula Michael, Cross Stitcher Magazine dec 1995
 7. Joan Elliott, Faces SAL
No stitches this month
 8. Brooke's Books Spirit of Knitting with colors changed, on plastic canvas, 14 count.
 After, finished!!! I had the wings done. Looked at the pattern and realized they were supposed to be stitched on the silver paper, which I would have used white. I decided to use Glisten Gloss Estaz Opalescent white, on the edges of the wings, to cover the brown color of the plastic canvas.
 9. Magaret Sherry Halloween Friends from the 2012 calendar. From either World of Cross Stitching or Cross Stitch Crazy. Can't remember which.
 10. Ciro Marchetti, HAED 2013 SAL, Mystic Garden
No stitches this past month.
I am very happy to have my Spirit of Knitting done. One UFO down and many to go. Will choose two more projects, at least one UFO, to enter into the Turtle Trot SAL. The link for this SAL is on my side bar if you are interested in joining. Choose 10 projects, to try to make progress on, for the month. You don't have to stitch on each one every check in.
Thanks for looking in and happy stitching!

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Hi all, time for my YOTA update. A little late. Only in semi retirement. Had to help DH with repairs on a 84000 pound water drilling rig. Massive vehicle for sure. Limited my stitching this weekend.
I made a little progress on Silver Tea Moon
my second piece is Fun Guys Snowball Stocking
For some reason I was in the mood for stitching confetti!
After, not a whole lot done. Filled in confetti on the striped arm to the right.
I have a new project! Joan Elliott's Rose Goddess
Have a great piece of hand dyed fabric. Just the right color for her. Unfortunately it is 9 inches x 13 inches and not quite big enough. I decided to use the fabric anyway and stitch over one thread.
 Meet Rose
Stitched on 28 count Polstitches Serenade fabric. over one thread with one strand DMC.
 I did some fabric tests with the #4 Kreinik. Too thick/bulky for stitching over one thread on 28 count evenweave. I also tested two strands of Kreinik blending filament and that settled on the fabric well. So that's what I ran with. When I got to Rose's face, I stopped, and put her in rotation with other projects. This is, hopefully, what she will look like when finished!
Happy March everyone!