Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Well, My dear husband got a head of Vanlentines day this year! He found a 2 pound, heart shaped, box of Russell Stovers chocolates. He said he couldn't resist and this is the biggest heart shaped box we have ever seen, to date. So we were looking at this big, beautiful box and thinking that it would be a waste to throw it out when the candy is gone. I was wondering if I could make a frame out of it. I took the chocolates and placed them in a storage container. Then started thinking(this can be extremely dangerous at times....) This is my tutorial on how to make a frame and inserts for this huge box. I am sure I am not the only one who has done this. But, it is fun to share any way!

As you can see from the tape measure, this box is quite large. I took the padded heart shaped insert(that came with the candy) and cut 2 heart shapes, out of the sponge board used for framing, to fit inside the top and bottom of the box. This will give me two frames to work with. I cut the heart shape for the box top a little larger than the padded shape. I actually cut it too large and had to carve it down some. I used a utility knife for the cutting and this seemed to work pretty good. Itook the insert out of the box so the hanger could be placed. I was trying to recycle old hardware pieces and use things I had on hand. Hubby had to replace a broken door knob. I took the old, metal, striker plate and used it on the inside of the box. Thinking this will give the box some reinforcement against hanging on the wall. The new door knob had a protective plastic striker cover. So I used the plastic one on the outside back of the box, to keep the nuts from boring into the heavy cardboard. I used 1/2 inch long, flat head bolts.

 Maked the inside of the box for the bolt holes.
 I used a small screw driver to make the needed holes for the bolts.
Gently screw the bolts through the striker plate and cardboard.inside.

 Put the nuts on the bolts, wind your hanging wire on the bolts and tighten the nuts.

I cut some light weight quilt batting and used some Aleens Tacky glue to keep it in place on the foam board. Then covered the insert with a fabric. Could also paint the board and throw some glitter on it. In my case I covered with fabric and decided, if I became adventurous, could change out inserts with holidays/seasons. My intension is too make small ornaments to hang in the frame.

Then secure the fabric by sewing the tucking and bunching the fabric to fut the shape of the heart.  VERY important. I found out the hard way! Start at the top of the heart shape first. This will allow you get the fabric tight in that area, so it doesn't bunch up when placing the insert in the box. I used a flat rounded tool (butter knife...) to smooth out the edges of the fabric, once the form is placed in the box. Tacking/sewing the fabric together will keep it in place, if you decide to change it out for other holidays.

Here is the fabric cover, foam board insert, installed in the box and ready to hang! Ran out of room for pictures. But, I took some spring themed jewlery and pins and decorated the heart. Will use the pins for attaching the cross stitched ornaments. Now if I can get time to cross stitch some. Would also make a nice memory frame, by adding family pictures and mementos.


stitchesnscraps said...

What a cool project! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa J.

Nancy in IL said...

Wow, Deb... what a great ingenious way to use an ordinary candy box! Great tutorial!

Kathy said...

Awesome tutorial! You are so crafty!

RhondaWoman71 said...

what an awesome idea. thanks for the help. Now to go empty the box of chocolates!!!!!! lol

Laurita Hall said...

What a cool idea Deb!!!