Sunday, January 8, 2012


This is a completed UFO. Of sorts. This is a long story, and to make a story longer... Years ago I bought several Dimensions Daydreams kits. Mom loves birds of any kind. Well, with the exception of sparrows. Four of the kits are hummingbird kits. (The other 2 are the 4 birds in progress, now.)Bought two of each pink and 2 blue back grounds. exchanged the aida for linen on the two pink kits. Stitched those and came out beautifully and fit in their respective matts. A few months later I started on one of the blue ones. exchanged aida fabric for linen. It soon became apparent that I had the wrong count linen and the hummer was not to fit in the pretty matt frame included in the kit. And volla, a UFO was born. In my quest to finish old projects, Decided to finish this and make into an ornament for my mom for christmas. Technically the original work is not completed and this will be another project for later.


stitchesnscraps said...

Never would have known, it looks just lovely on its own! And again, your finishing is beautiful!

Melissa J.

Laurita Hall said...

This Hummingbird is so pretty!!! Congrats!