Sunday, January 8, 2012


This is a UFO due to the black fabric. I bought a yard of Cashell black 28 count linen and a yard of black 25 count line. The 25 count was fairly easy to work with. However, I found a different story with the 28 count. And this is unusual for cashell fabric. But, the fabric is so tightly woven that it is difficult to stitch cant count threads and is more like sewing fabric. I mucked on with this one for sometime. Working when I had good, bright light. Then my eyesight took the dive for a few years and this one definately when into the storage bin. Found it with others and have started working on it again. Made some progress by filling in most of the bananna peppers, next to the right of the red peppers. Hope to finish this one this year. If my eyes can deal with this fabric. Some of you may ask why I kept working with this black fabric. Well... it was one of those things of I paid for the fabric, started something and kept mucking through, even if it is difficult. Thats what I get for being stubborn!

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stitchesnscraps said...

Well done you for perservering! It is very dramatic on the black! It will be beautiful when you are done, so I guess you can comfort yourself with that!

Melissa J.