Sunday, January 15, 2012


First off I would like you to meet Morty our kitty cat. He is quite character and a joy to be around! He loves to hunt just about anything and is a play monster, owning numerous toys to chase across the floor.

I love violets! In the summer I cruise the home improvement stores for violets that have been placed in the heat and are wilting into oblivian. I call them "save a plant". Usually they are down to one wilted leaf and I talk someone into selling the illfated violet for 0.50 cents or a dollar. Then I take my plant home. Place in miracle grow violets soil, water and set in an ideal window for recover. No extra added fertilizers(will burn the plant). The wine and white flowered violet is a save a plant from 2 summers ago. The violet with no blooms is this past summers project and the purple and white flowered violet is a 4 year old save a plant. This one has a sister plant that I divided from it last year and is also blooming. Nothing like pretty flowers in Winter!                                                                     
This was also packed away in a box with John Wayne. A Mirabilia Santa. I had started sometime ago and had completely forgotten about this one. Think this is OWS(old womans syndrome...) Will start stitching on this one sometime this week.                                    
Years ago I had a larger version of this horse kit. I decided that it was needlepoint and I didn't have time to stitch. So I gave the big kit away to a friend. Then last week I found this one, which is 5"x5", bought the needlepoint kit and made some progess on it while traveling from a road service call, the other morning. Is quite a change to work on a painted canvas!             
I have been stitching on a small John Wayne portrait. This was something I started 2 years ago and found it packed away in a box. Have been making good progress in the last 2 weeks.

This is the Joan Elliott Wizard from last year. Haven't made any progress on this one, due to the crocheted blankets for the kids. Hoping to pick this one up again this week, too. He is really coming along and I am anxiouse to start in on him, again. The crystal ball castel is finished, with the exception of the beads.
DH has the flu... And I am trying not to get it! So the house is quiet today. After making some chicken vegetable soup for the invalid, I settled down for the afternoon and evening and stitched my little heart out! Made great progress on my Tulip picture. Will be starting the stem and leaf, next stitching session, then work on the second tulip. I have to say that it has been great fun to work on old, forgotten projects!


Patty said...

Love your kitty!!!! And you do wonders on your violets. I do the same thing as you - look for the ones that say "take me home" but my results are no where near as good as yours. But I try - lol

stitchesnscraps said...

Your violets are so pretty! It's so nice to have flowers in the winter! And your kitty looks like a sweetie, but there is a little bit of a demon in those eyes! lol! I can't wait to see your UFO'S become WIP's ! I love that Santa! He is going to be lovely! Thanks for sharing all your adventures!

Melissa J.

Meagan said...

Your Kitty is adorable! Great're making me look bad! LOL

Anonymous said...

Your violet plants look very nice. Your are making great progress on your pictures.


myhazeleyestellitall said...

I had the same Wizard kit you finally found a frame for. I had wanted to make it for my husband as he is into that type of thing. I ended up giving the kit as a gift to a friend. Now I am a bit sorry I did that after having worked with the metallic thread on the Mandala project as I found a couple of tricks to make it easier to work with. Beautiful work Deb!