Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hi everyone. I can not believe how fast this month as gone by. The weather has cooled a tiny bit. We have had more rain and the garden loved every minute of it. Flowers/plants just seem to grow better with rain!
I just recieved a very cute picture of my grand daughter! And, thought I would post this a little late and add it in with this months stitchy news. Baby Lily is 16 months old and growing like the perverbial weed!

On to the stitchy news!
Stitch 'in' Craft has a monthly SAL. Pull out a UFO and make some progress. Sounded like a wonderful idea to me. I hadn't worked on Joan Elliott's A Wizards View for several months. So, he was brought out and is looking much better

He is getting to the point where I must make a decision. Either order the "pricey" Milifori beads or just go and coordinate the bead colors with petite beads. Of which I have tons of the petite's. I have him in this months UFO SAL, again. Hopefully he will be on the wall in october, sometime. (okay, atleast before christmas...)

Even though summer is about over, I couldn't resist stitching this cute design. Another one of Brooke's pantry freebies gifted to the bbinteractive group. I have winter started and that will leave only Spring pantry.
Then I am going to restart Brooke's stitchers Alphabet on an afghan with #5 perle cottons. Atleast thats the plan. You know how things change, with me...

Here is Fun Guys Snowball stocking. He won't be done this holiday season. Hopefully next year I can have him sewn into a stocking.

Ciro Marchetti's Bubble Telescope. Finally got out of confetti corner! While there is still enough confetti stitching, in this chart to hold a full scale mardi gras parade. I am now able to choose a symbol/color and run with it until I feel that I am getting "lost". Then I can stop before  making a mistake. DH always checks my progress, as he is awaiting his gift!

Here is Cocolate! I have found that these chocolate loving dragons are named Dragling's, by the artist who paint them. Randal Spangler. Of course I have gone overboard and bought several patterns.  But, thats the fun of cross stitch! I did have a problem with one of the background colors being the same as one of the colors of the outer edge of the cupcake. Sooooo, taking one strand of black DMC, I put one half cross over the top of each of the offendng background stitches. Made the cupcake stand out a little moe

HAED Tiny Treasures Kitten 2, Artist Judy Mastrangelo. Like many stitchers, I participate in several SAL's. HAED has one every week for different themes. This past week was confetti stitching and Bubble fit right in. This weeks theme is "a new start". First thought was NOPE! Then one member posted a finish of this little kitten. Remebering that this one is in my stash. I though this was workable. The finished design is only 4.75 inches x 2.75 inches. And that would be just the right size to finish, in a reasonable time, without adding too much to the WIP pile. So, why not! The more the merrier!
Other things in the works are many holiday gift stitching. IF my SIL can make up her mind!

 Not the only crafter in the family!
My mom is making memory quilts. So far about 18 of them. She takes pictures of the quilt recipient, copy's, prints the pic's on fabric, soaks in a stabilizing solution and machine embroiders designs to go with the pic's. Then sews them into a quilt. For awhile I was helping her by sewing and quilting. Then work picked up and was getting more difficult to be able to finish them. Mom has been quilting them herself and has done a beautiful job with them.This is a sample of what she has been up to!

Mom and her sis


 And now it is time for the adventures of Michelle Petit Souris! This is the french Dalton gang finally caught by Lucky Luke and being escorted to jail!

This is an update for Michelle's Bishop. She found a wonderful staf for him!

These tiny mice are even able to garden! All the fresh vegetables!

Winter is not that far off. So these ittle guys are looking for some snow! The tiny sled is from a baby's moble toy.
  Have never seen lederhosen this small! Michelle even knitted the feather.

Time for Halloween and those spooky characters running the street.

Love these tiny mice with her beautiful, traditional, spanish dress. This dress is perfection from the bright red ruffles to the tiny rose.  Even the tiny rose is knitted, petal by petal. The flaminco dance is impeccably dressed and is holding black castenets.

Enjoying the summer is Michelle and her husband! Sitting on their verands and enjoying ice cream. The lounges are also from a baby's moble toy.

Flower child of the 60's!

Time for a swim!

Michelle is such a genious about finding props for her petit souris. What she can not knit, she finds from childrens toys and from tiny charms. That concludes the adventures of Michelles adorable mice, for now.

Now, I must get back to my holiday stitching, before starting the Kitty SAL tomorow. Some  items are just a few stitches from being completed, and then going into the sewing/finishing pile.
Happy stitching everyone!


Anne said...

Hi Deb: Love your Wizards View. Wow, great work. And what cute little mice!! :)

Carolyn NC said...

You must never sleep, you have so much progress! Love them all, Lily's picture wins! She's adorable!

Brigitte said...

You were stitching up a storm lately and made some great progress on your HAED projects. And that wizard looks terrific. I think I saw him lately in an older magazine but I'm not sure if it's the same wizard.
Now look at these sweet little mice. They are so cute, and so creatively finished.

stitcherw said...

I love your Chocolate one, that's on my wish list, too cute. I'm getting ready to start my first HAED, thinking of the SK History of Chocolate as may be more managable for the first one. However, do have Curl up with a Good Book in my stash too. Really enjoyed seeing all the little mice, they are adorable.