Friday, November 2, 2012

Well, here we are again! Another month gone by. First off, I would like to extend healing prayers, good wishes and thoughts for our people on the east coast. Hurricane sandy has been devestating to so many people and the horrors keep unfolding.  My mom was lucky and sandy had lost some steam when it hit.  Mom was out of power for just under a day and wind damage to a few trees. They considered themselves very fortunate. It has been difficult to watch the news. It will take people months, if not years, to rebuild their lives. Our hearts go out to them.
I have a few updates on my regular WIP's. I have many holiday gifts stitched up and, as other stitchers, don't wish to post pic's until after our friends and loved ones have recieved them.
One thing I can show is a finish for October.  Tiny Treasures Kitten 2 from HAED. This one was a pleasure to stitch.

Progress on Autumn Cat Magic as a current WIP. I really like the colors of the autum leaves in this one.

Here is Bubble Telescope. DH has taken to calling this "Bubbles". I have a lot of confetti stitching that stretches over many pages. Have been taking one color and running with it over 3 pages. You know me... Always look like the mad stitcher has gotten ahold of some of my WIP's.

Randal Spanglers Chocolate Quick Stitch has also been in the WIP mix.

I was blog surfing and found a very cute Owl embroidery design. Haven't worked hand embroidery for a number of years. I have an embroidery machine for that! But, he is soooo cute, I decided I would dig out my old embroidery hoop and see what I could come up with. Now, I started to use my old standby colors of lavenders and soft iris colors. Then, looking through a box of DMC variations threads, the fall/autumn colors just jumped out, slapped me upside the head(didn't hurt much..) and begged to be used. Completely unexpected and here is the progress so far. The link is below, to this cute patten

Many of my stitching friends have already seen these pic's! But, I am thrilled to have a new craft zone! The back story is that, when we first rented this  house, the carpet in the livingroom was a complete loss. We tore it up and the livingroom became a parts room for the diesel repair road service. This past january I emptied the contents of the livingroom into a poratable garage. We were to lay tile on the bare, particle board floor. The owners came by and they were trying to sell the place(tooooooo much money). We put off the tile and didn't want to sink more money in a place we were to move out of. Well...after a wole summer of bare floors I couldn't wash and searching through boxes and bins for craft supplies, I decided enough was enough. We bought tiles, repaired the floor, got the tiles adhered to the floor and brought my old work table out of the storage van. DH added more footage to the table. Secured it to the wall and added some stair railing supports for legs. I painted my new table with the same paint as the walls. 2 1/2 years ago we bought Behr brand premium paint and used it through out the whole house. Cabinets and all. I still had the original paint cans. Quite certain we were going to have to buy more paint, I opened the old cans up. Could not believe the paint was still good. Not dried up, not seperated and painted up just great.

This is the mess we started with...I went into a panic everytime someone wanted to come in the house...

The floor and table are done and I am dancing from one foot to the other because I want to start painting!
Now I can start organizing

DH still does not believe I fit all this in a 8 foot by 5 1/2 foot space.

I can roll the plastic cabinets close to the desk and roll them out for access to goodies and an extra work surface. My cross stitch is in another room. This is my sewing, machine embroidery and scrap book center. NOW if I can only find all those pictures I put away. I had a box of them, put them in a "safe": place in the house. Still looking... DH is absolutely thrilled as I have finally have room for mending all his work shirts and was one of the first things completed.

My bonne friend Michelle's petit knitting needles have been busy! And this time something different, too.
I was so pleasantly surprised to recieve a birthday card with these adorable stockings, that she so paitiently knitted.. I have then taped to my refrigerator door!
Although halloween is over, there are some spooky characters still roaming the streets!

Christmas is just around the corner! Even mice love presents.

Thisis a  lovely little mouse version of Strawberry Shortcake! She is just so cute!
And, an update for Michelle beautiful traditional spanish dressed mice. Michelle found a tiny lego guitar for the flaminco dancer!
 This flashy guy can play guitar at any wedding! We can hear the music!
This suave and sophisticated man would be welcomed any time!
Thanks you for visiting and happy stitching! Deb


Melissa said...

Just love the new header! What a sweetie she is:) Wonderful progress on all your stitching! Your finishing, as always, is lovely. Thanks for sharing all you progress. Enjoy the new crafty space!

Melissa J.

Sari said...

Oh what a lovely finish! I've been thinking of working on the owl design myself also. I love your mice as well, they are absolutely fantastic!
Hugs from Finland,

Joyce Clark Frank said...

What a precious little girl in your header. Love your new sewing room. Know you are excited to have it finished. The little mice are so cute.

Brigitte said...

I always love to see your HAEDs and the progress you make on them. I particularly love the one with the autumn colours, it's certainly a lot of fun using these colours.
Your new sewing space looks gorgeous. I think I'd spend the whole day there, lol.

cucki said...

Hi it's me cucki your new follower and friend from South Africa what a lovely finish..super cute..I love your mice as well, they are so sweety and my fav too...
Hugs and love cucki xxx

Anne said...

Your stitching works are coming along lovely. And I love your new craft area! How nice to have one! :)

Sarah said...

Love your workspace I envy that, living in a flat we just dont have space. The mini knits are wonderful what patience you must have to knit something so small, though I did used to do this myself, have you heard of Jean Greenhowe I have knitted so many of her things and still have all the pattern books. Great stitching piece you have on the go too.

Brenda Johnson said...

Deb, I've been following your blog for a little while and just love the little "extras" in your postings like your craftroom and your family (so cute!). I've nominated your blog for a Liebster Award (you may have been nominated by others before.) You can go to my blog.