Friday, August 3, 2012


Last week I participated in Heaven and Earth designs christmas themed SAL(stitch a long)

I had just bought a Linda Ravenscroft FunGuys Snowball Stocking chart, the week before, when HAED had a sale. At that time many holiday stitchy gifts are in my rotation. Putting them down for a week was not going to put me behind. This is the result of a weeks work. I stitched 3 consecutive pages. And finished a little over 1/2 of each page.There are 12 pages in all. Where most stitchers start HAED at the top, I start at the bottom, for the simple reason that I like the way my stitches set. They look better on the fabric. All my HAED's are stitched on 36 count fabric. Full cross stitch, 2 strands DMC floss/thread over 2 threads. This was a lot of fun to stitch. Once I started, he was difficult to put down. Then, I realized this little guy looks like my brother, when he was a young boy.

Before I was side tracked by the stocking, was working on my HAED Magical Kitty. Made some good progress! This is a full coverage piece. Stitched on 36 count linen fabric, 2 over 2. Finished size will be 13.17 inches x 16.50 inches at 70,389 stitches.

Made small progress on DH Bubble Telescope( about 1000 stitches). A HAED chart, artist is Ciro Marchetti. This ones a biggie! Full coverage, 36 count linen fabric, 2 over 2, 376,425 stitches. Finsihed size will be 29.25 inches x 40 inches. I have this in rotation with all WIP's. My WIP pile gets taller and taller. However, I am starting to make a dent in the holiday stitching. I am starting the Margaret Sherry 12 days of Christamas SAL(2months left), Around The World in 80 stitches(16 months left) and countless WIP's in my basket. I belong to 4 cross stitch groups and we often have one or two stitchers who do not start another project until the current one is finished. Then they become discoraged and bored and usually give up. My goal is to enjoy the stitching. Choosing a chart, fabrics, threads. Then setting in my over stuffed chair for some rest, stitching and concentrating on something other than cleaning something, repairing something or paper work of some kind.  I have probably 45 works in progress. All will be finished, eventually, in years to come. But, Iam definately not bored!
Happy stitching to all!


stitchesnscraps said...

Oh Dame of the Smoking Needles! Look at you go! Lovely progress on everything! Your stocking looks wondeful! Thanks for sharing all your progess!

Melissa J.

Carolyn NC said...

Wow..your needles are flying! All looks fantastic!

Brigitte said...

Oh my, oh my, what a fantastic progress this is. Good to know that you stitch your HAEDs on 36ct over two. I won't stitch mine over one either but I chose a 40ct fabric so the whole thing will be a bit smaller. But I haven't started yet ...

Anne said...

Excellebnt stitching Deb. You are definitely my kind of stitcher, as I too stitch a few things at a time as well, whatever interests me at that time. Of course, as you do, I love to complete items, and I think there are only a very few in the past 50 years that I never picked up again. I've never been bored with stitching either!! Congrats on your work, it is all lovely. :)