Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My stitching bug has been caught! And, made some ribbon racks.

I caught my stitching bug again! And ms bug is hogtied and hanging where I can see that little beast!
 Before I show you what I have been stitching.
We FINALLY got to decorate our big tree this year. 2007 was the last year we were able to set our tree up. It's 11 1/2 feet tall and took me 5 days to decorate. I am still moving decorations around to better places...
 In fact, I have been decorating everything in sight. DH even made the escape to his room so I couldn't hang lights, and garland, on him too. He would look sooooo cute in garland! And the cat... Well, have you ever tried to dress a cat? I don't know how these people do it. Unless they glue that santa hat on poor kitty! So the cat remains undecorated.
I made more progress on my Maiden. She was supposed to be done some time ago. But, life gets in the way and interferes with the fun stuff.
I thought I only had the bottom bouqet left. When I got to the left bottom page I found I had a little more to do. Hope to finish her before the next SAL starting in january. Will have two SAL's running. HAED decided to have an SAL for 2015. Can you believe it will be 2015 already?

Valerie emailed and said she received the ornament exchange I stitched for her. I have four more, stitched up, that I can't show you as the persons have not received them yet.
I am still unpacking my craft room boxes. Can barely walk in that room...
Here are some ceramics that I painted, with ceramic stains, a while ago.

 Baby Dragon for DH

 I clean the greenware and have it fired into bisque. Then the fun begins. I love ceramic stains. I can paint a base coat and dry brush the rest of the colors. Adjusting the color shade where needed. I don't like ceramic glazes. Due to the opaque colors and not being able to see the finished colors until after the second firing in the kiln. Then it is too late to correct mistakes.
This castle is unpainted bisque. Not sure when I will get around to painting this one. I have several boxes of bisque to paint. Problem is that I have no where to put the castle once it is done.

As I was unpacking craft boxes, I realised that I needed a better way to store ribbon. And, somewhere that was economical on saving space. I looked on ebay and found some ribbon racks. Then looked at the price. YIKES!!!!
I looked at the racks and decided they did not look that difficult to make. Actually the racks were pretty straight forward. Made my own version to fit what I needed. Made 3 of them! And they are all full of rolls of ribbon.
 They are hanging on the doors of my craft closets.
I used 1"x4"x22" on the top and bottom. 1"x1"x36" for the sides. Cut 3/8" dowels for the ribbon holders.
 Drilled holes in the 1"x1" sides, every 3 1/2", installed kitchen cup hooks for the dowels to rest in.
Then drilled holes in the top 1"x4" piece of wood and installed 2 eyelets for S hooks. The S hooks are used to hang on top edge of the door.
That project done and on to the next one!
 I needed to screw down my machine embroidery thread racks on the wall. From past experience,  the spindles are so short that the thread cones would not stay on the spindles. Due to the angle of the thread racks once they were hung on the wall. Take down one cone and have an avalanche of six more.... Looked for racks with longer spindles and that didn't work out. I am standing in my room, staring at my thread racks, sipping water through a straw. I looked down at my drink straw and wondered if they would work..... So this is what I came up with.
Works perfectly. Something so simple! I cut drink straws, took elmers glue, inserted a little glue inside the straw and stuck the straw on the short wood thread spindle. Voila!!!! The Isacord, and other brands, 1000 yard thread cones stay on the spindle, do not tip over and fall off. I installed drink straws on 7 thread racks and got them screwed to the wall. Another space saving effort complete.
I would like to wish everyone happy holidays!
Thanks for stopping by!


cucki said...

Aww everything is so sweet x

Pull the other thread said...

Wow clever you, lots of great DIY projects there. Love the castle, do show us when you get around to staining it as would love to see :) That is some Christmas tree, looks so pretty.

Donna Pheneger said...

Deb, your maiden is coming along beautifully!
Great work on the ribbon rack! Very smart!

Anonymous said...

I just love your tree -- especially using the white ribbon. I will have to try to talk my DH into trying it, but he is stuck on using garland.
Debbie L

Fay and Charlette said...

Hi Deb, I think you castle looks great in white. Perhaps just a sand colored paint? Love your DIY ribbon and spool holders!

Faith... said...

The Maiden looks great and like she will be finished in plenty of time for 2015.

Very clever DYIs you had there...love them.
Your tree is a beauty! I can't wait to move so we can have a bigger place and put up a bigger tree, hopefully by next Christmas!!

matt_matts_mum said...

Nice blog deb! keep up the stitching bug and some of your BAP's will see a finish! hugs, and happy stitching, Queeny

Anonymous said...

I love Haed Snowball Fun Stocking Guys I bought because you gave me the desire to do so - against For what symbols changed into gold thread for the bells? you can tell?

Deb said...

Oh, golly. Will have to look. I went through my Kreinik drawer and grabbed up different colors of gold, #4 braid. Lined them up light to dark. Then took the charted required colors of light to dark DMC threads. Set the Kreink in the same order next to the DMC. That was how i decided on which to use for what symbol. I did draw a circle, on the chart, where the shades of gold would be stitched. This gave me a clear shape to stitch. Because some of the same symbols are shading/shadows for the bell itself. I just looked at the old pages of my chart and i didn't write down the symbols. Sorry i am not much help than this.
Thank you for stopping by!