Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Still here!

Well. I am still here! Just not getting much stitching done. Over run with work and still trying to get renovations done in the house. Slow going with the livingroom full of boxes again. Which has translated into a stitching slump.
I haven't stitched since the beginning of August. But, here is what i got done on the Maiden SAL by the begining of August.
 Brooke's Books Spirit of knitting. I had also started Brooke's Patty Patchwork, who was featured on the cover of September 2014 Cross Stitch and Needlework.
 In July(or August?) I also finished stitching, and beading, Liberty Lane from Country Cottage Needleworks.
I also ordered some 25 count DMC magic guide fabric. Thought would try stitching over one one the 25 count. Sold only in the UK..... I ordered two measures of the cut offered and was extremely disappointed when I did not receive one continuous piece of fabric. I had several projects planned for the one continuous piece. Now will have to rethink the projects. Much too expensive, due to shipping costs, to send back and to keep ordering from the UK. I used to sell fabric and when someone ordered multiple measures, of the same fabric, I sent it as one continuous piece. I contacted the new UK online shop and apparently inexperience was a factor. Although, she will continue to chop up multiple measures of fabric..... Moral of the story. Contact the shop and make sure the fabric will not be chopped up. Although it never occurred to me that it would be. I learned an expensive lesson.
I hope to have a better stitching update, and hopefully a more enthusiastic update, in a couple of weeks as I need to start holiday gift stitching. AAACCCKKK! I haven't even started THAT yet!!! Wish me luck.
Happy stitching


cucki said...

my dear your stitching is so beautiful..
big hugs x

Pull the other thread said...

Sorry to here you are in a stitching slump. The work you have posted looks fantastic though. Shame about the fabric being cut up.

gwendal said...

wonderful work as usual your stitching is amazing . i love the colours of the liberty lane and the red and white fairisle at the bottom. The maiden is amazing . I can't wait to see it when it will be finished .The christmas rug is amazing too . I love your work.
big hugs