Monday, November 18, 2013


Hi everyone! Hope you had a stitchy weekend!
Essentially I had a stitching marathon on one WIP. That is my HAED SAL Mystic Garden. I am trying to finish my yearly page goal of the two top pages. Made a bit of progress.
After.  will be stitching on this for the rest of the week to try to finish the rest of the top pages.
 Grab the hermit crab, on my right side bar, if you are interested in the sal for december. The more the merrier!

I also received my ornament from our BB Brooke's Books group. This beautiful ornament is stitched by Tara. She stitched the design over one thread and it is just gorgeous!
  The back is as pretty as the front. And Tara treated me with skeins of DMC floss.
Thanks for stopping by!


MarchAnn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love people to stop by and I love looking at other blogs.
Great work on your stitching.

cucki said...

Beautiful work on your stitching project..
Big hugs x

Brigitte said...

I'm always totally amazed when I see these huge HAED projects. Great progress on yours. Meanwhile I have two HAED charts but none is started yet. Maybe in January.

Linda said...

Great progress on Mystic Garden Deb.


Marcy said...

Looks like you got tons done on the haed design. The size of these projects just amaze me. good luck getting to your goal.

EvalinaMaria said...

Lovely stitching.

mab3500 said...

Great progress on your HAED.

That was such a nice exchange.

Anonymous said...

i'm amazed but so big works what patience , your mystic garden will be wonderful , you have made big progress on it. Michelle

Joysze said...

Whoah.... love Mystic Garden! Hope to see more of it. :)