Saturday, July 13, 2013

Short post for the Turtle Trot SAL!

Hi every one. Have been busy stitching and gardening this week. I am still the "keeper of the pineapple plant". After a good rain, we could nearly hear the garden growing.
Had a nice surprise after the rain. And that was some late blooming iris plants.

 A canna that was here before we moved here.
 And here is mr pineapple! New spikey leaves. Likes to be watered down the center of the plant.
Now on to the Turtle Trot SAL.  Here is the link BAP Attack: 2013 Turtle Trot
Link to this SAL is also on my right side bar!
Worked on Mini Autumn Cat Magic. Trying to get my yearly page goal done on this one. Still have a little ways to go.
 A few beads in the dresser scarf.
 Finished the cross stitch on Mill Hill Halloween Love ornaments. Need beads.
 Finished the cross stitch on Brooke's Books stitchers alphabet. Needs beads. (see a pattern here....) I have more WIP's in my last post. Can't see repeating them again.

 Sewed Pumpkin Blackbird into a finish.
 And made the Margaret Sherry Kitties into cards with a blank inside. My all purpose cards!
Told ya it was short!!! Have a wonderful stitchy weekend!
Thanks for stopping by, Deb

P.S. Thank you to all who wished Mom well. She is much better and not with holding info anymore!


cucki said...

Beautiful stitching....beautiful projects..
I am glad your mom is feeling better now.
Give her my love x

Linda said...

Great progress and finishes on all your pieces Deb.


Joyce Clark Frank said...

Great job on the finishing. Love the ornament and cards. Good progress on your other pieces. The flowers are so pretty.

gwendal said...

Your pineapple is growing so fast and your flowers are so pretty ! i love your new ornaments and cards . your scarf is amazing with the bright beads and the colours are wonderful . Good job!!

Melinda said...

Your stitching is wonderful - but must say I love your pumpkin blackbird finish. I have such a hard time with finishing - It is so beautiful.

SoCal Debbie said...

Pumpkin Blackbird looks incredible! I hope to make beautiful finishes like that some day!

Preeti said...

Congrats on your finishes, Deb!! Good progress on your stitching. Love those cute Msherry cards :) I have recently started MSherry projects.

Meari said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such great comments, Deb.

Your projects are beautiful! Congrats on your finishes.

Pretty flowers, too.

Brigitte said...

Great to see all the progress pictures. Congratulations on the finishes. These cards are so beautiful.