Monday, July 22, 2013


Well I can cross 2 things off my stitchers bucket list! I finally got to participate in the International Hermit sal! And, I also stitched a Little House Needle Works design. All in all, I had a good weekend. Didn't start out that way. After setting up some small projectI had a few weekly chores on saturday. So, I am standing on a chair and washing the blades on the ceiling fan. I happen to look over on top of the linen closet AND the biggest darn dust bunnies were STARING at me! These were jack rabbit size..... I get down from the chair and decide to refresh my water bucket with clean water. Then get the vaccume cleaner. If I am to fight dust bunny grime I had better be well armed. The stuffed animals went into a bag, out the door and shook out in the wind. Then there were the picture frames, well you get the idea. I was determined to sit down and hibernate with my stitching.  By the time I finished up it was late  afternoon.  In spite of rampant jack rabbit dust bunnies this was started saturday and finished beading sunday morning. This is a really cute pattern. One of these days it may get stitched as it looks. Had a little bit of a problem with the conversion to DMC floss. Have tons of floss and can't see investing in other threads for small projects. Used DMC variegated thread for the lighter brown in the letters. The color conversions were just way off for what the display picture showed. Now, I know that dyed colors can vary pretty good, so no fault of the designer. Decided to use lighter fabric and do some beading for some of the colors.
 This has been a real reminder, for the last few months, and could not be more true! With this one the DMC conversion was pretty nice and the colors are pretty.
 Autumn Cat Magic got a few stitches put in. Turned out to be a pretty nice weekend!

about 400 stitches. Not sure how this cat is going to turn out. The chart looks quite "blocky" with the colors. Am hoping that once all the colors are stitched in that it looks right.
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Preeti said...

Good progress on your stitching!! I always feel that weekdays are more productive than weekends. We end up with more work on weekends than stitching.
I agree about floss conversion. Not only that, it is so funny that a given Anchor shade number in India and UK points to different shades. Also there is one more reason. They might have given correct shade numbers but the finished piece picture colors depend on the digital shades supported by the printer. Thus differs from actual. Anyways, I love the spread of colors, doesn't matter if a bit changes here n there.:)

wilma b said...

Great stitching, Deb...Baked Goods turned out cute!

Mii Stitch said...

Great stitchy update!

cucki said...

Sweet stitching..great progress xx

Linda said...

Congrats on the cute start and finish Deb. Great progress on the other pieces.


Marcy said...

I love the changes you made to baked goods -- beads make everything better ;)

SoCal Debbie said...

The Autumn Cat will look incredible! I love the colors you chose for Baked Goods.

Yikes, giant dust bunnies are scary! I hate to look at the top of my fridge too!

Precious Crafts said...

After combating giant dust bunnies, I would not have been able to stitch for hours - but your persevered! Well done! :D btw, the colours look fine to me.

Brigitte said...

Fortunately the dust bunnies didn't keep you completely from your stitching, lol.
Great finish and progress on your WIPs. I love the way how you added the beads. I often am surprised when I pull the threads for a project how much the colours differ from the picture on the chsrt. And sometimes I change the threads and choose some thatare more like the ones on the picture.

Joke said...

Dust bunnies! Just keep your eyes closed and don't open them before you have some stitching items at your hands LOL I love your stitching, we have similar taste.