Thursday, May 3, 2012


OKAY! It may seem to you that I have waaaayyyy to much time on my hands. I don't! But, I did have a whole pile of stitchery to finish into ornaments, wall hangings and pillows. Well....after the first few "ruffled" finishes, I was tired of sewing by hand and too many holes in my fingers. I was finishing this santa amd decided to make a wall hanging with NO ruffles or poofy ribbons. Then had the quandry on how to hang it. After looking around and deciding I didn't want to paint a dowel for a hanger, or buy one, I had a bunch of straws fall out of the cupboard(AGAIN!) and while I was picking them up to wash, wondered if I could use one for a hanger. I already had sewn ribbon loops on the top of santa. The red straw is from a fast food restaurants extra large drink cup. I save the styrofoam cups and reuse when working out on the repair yard. I cut off the straw's end to fit the finished piece. Then used a sharp needle, 4 strands of black thread and some Debbie Mumm ceramic buttons to cover the open ends. Then I strung a 3mm wide ribbon through the inside of the straw, poking the ribbon out the other end of the straw,  so it could be hung on the wall. One way to recycle large straws!

This is some of the mess I started out with and am working to finish. Kinda scary...

There is a small story behind this cat. This is a Bent Creek designs called The White Cat. However, when I sat down to stitch him, he was not white,but a muddy light gray brown. Wanting a white cat, I stitched kitty with white. Then realized that I used too lightly colored of fabric and stitched light blue half stitches arround kitty's edges. Which actually filled him in more and I ended up liking his shape better. I changed his eyes and added eyebows. Then, why stop there.... I changed the shape of the nose and stitched it pink as most white cats have pink noses! I added ribbon roses in place of the round stitched flowers. Used 1/2" wide ribbon and it folded over on itself. But, liked the effect, anyway. The red ribbon has a gold metalic stip running through the center and, after it folded over in half, the gold ended up on the outer edges of the rose. The roses are a little larger than a nickle. I guess the moral of the story is that I bought a chart and thought it was cute, until I started stitching. Never be afraid to make changes in a design. After all ,it is mass produced and everyone has it!

And here is the finish with the Quaker Heart Freebie chart! My walls are getting soooooo full!

I have a wonderful friend in France. She is a special person and uses DMC #8 and #12 perle cotton to knit the most amazing mice. DH and I have been imortalized in mousedom. Michelle uses knitting needles the size of hat pins. I have so many pic's that it was difficult to choose which ones to post. These tiny mice are about 3 inches tall and just wonderful!

With cross stitch we have a pattern to follow or use as a guide. My friend had one pattern and had probably created well over 400 chrarcters on her own. With much experimenting and tearing out, until she knitted a perfect hat or piece of clothing. She knits these little mice in pieces, then sews together(seems like sewing is in every craft...) Michelle has even knitted a viking, policeman with tiny knitted handcuffs and tiny flowers for her tooth paste vases! I emailed one day and she was painting tooth paste caps, so they could be used as flower vases for her "petit souris".  Her tiny mice always brings a smile to my day as Debbie mouse and Willie mouse are on a shelf in my kitchen. A hand made gift is a preciuos gift and I will always treasure my petit souris.


anne-isis said...

Your mice are too attractive

kims craft obsession said...

the mice are sooooooooooo adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have a very creative mind to finish up your stitched pieces, and love the mice.


Denise said...

Just found your blog and love all your crafty finishes and stitching.
Happy Stitching