Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I am thrilled to recieve the Liebster award from Tracey! Her blog is fun to visit!
Liebster is german for favorite and was created to bring attension to new and upcoming stitchers blogs with 200 or less followers.
Took me awhile to pass it on to 5 more stitchers. So here goes!
There are a few things to so when awarded the Liebster Blog Award
1. Choose 5 up and coming blogs with 200 or less followers. So here is my five
Glenna of
for her wonderful stitching.
Barbara of
for her beautiful stitching and her upbeat look upon life, stitching and illness.
The Country Stitcher of
for her amazing humor of life on the farm and her amazing stitching! Don't know how she has time with farm life!
Holly of
Holly is a beginner cross stitcher and crochets gorgeous doll clothes! We need to cheer her on with her cross stitch. Holly is still in the "frustrations" stage.
Melissa of
She just recieved her 200th follower. But, her beautiful blog and expertly stitched projects are a joy to look through. A must stop for any stitcher!
2. The next requirement is to post the link back to the blogger who gifted the award. I would like to thank Tracey for such an honor!
3. Post the award on your blog!
4. Share 5 random facts paople may not know about you
    1. I love pasta, the more cheese the better!
    2. I actually like helping hubby with diesel repair service
    3. Love to mow the yard and water the flowers
    4. I was a mouthy teenager to my mom, then when I got married the second time, I had the only husband in the world who complained his wife didn't talk to him( he can't shut me up now!)
    5. I regret not saving more money, before hubby became ill. (he is healthy, now)

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Dani - tkdchick said...

Congratulations on your aware, well deserved.