Saturday, November 5, 2011


One day, years ago I was in Austin, visiting my favorite LNS Gingers Needle Arts. Ginger had a needle arts display with 4 of the L&L Angels that were stitched over one thread on linen. End result was a work of finely detailed art that fit in an 8" x 10" ovel frame. Generally these angels are framed in a 16" x 20". Quite large if you are short on wall space( as most of us stitchers are....). They were beautiful and I was thinking "how difficult could this be!" Soooo I started stitching this one over one thread on 28 count miracle mint green cashel fabric and found out "how difficult this could be!"). Then my eyesight took a real dive, due to stress, and I never finished it. 4 or 5 years have passed and I had UFO (un finished objects) fever one day and found this packed away in a box. We have moved several times and it was getting difficult to keep track of items. I have very bright light and better eyesight, now. Have been making an effort to work on this for a few hours each week. Although I have to admit the effect is very pretty, but my eyes go crossed after nearly an hour of stitching. But, it sure makes the 32 count fabric look enormous!