Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy October!

Hi everyone!
Every morning a feed the cats out on the porch, in my night shirt. Admittedly this is not a pretty sight, but no one can see me anyway. THIS morning was very chilly outside and found myself hurrying back into the house. Checked the ipad and it was 54 degrees. YAY!!! we might have an actual autumn this year.
Have some finishes to show you!
This is Margaret Sherry October, from the 2012 World Of Cross Stitching Diary book.
7.5"x8" large ornament. Have you ever tried something, thinking it would look amazing, and then have that "oh, my....oh, my, my..." moment? Yeah, i had that with this organza bow. Thinking that two colors, of multiple layers of organza ribbon, plus the trick or treat ribbon would be very pretty. I fashioned a bow, added the white trick or treat ribbon, pumpkin and added it to the top of the very large ornament with a stick pin covered in glue.. Looked like a big organza SPIDER!!! Thinking, oh well it's halloween, i fiddled with it until i was frustrated. Then realized that, because i had the piece standing on end, my over glued orange trim was sinking slowly in between the two foam board pieces. Yay! Not really... I didn't want to use stick pins to attach the orange side trim. So i flipped the piece over and added extra clear glue to the trim back. Then flipped to the right side to apply the top bow(s). Usually this is a painless operation taking mere seconds. Hah!  Oh, and i said glue, backside of trim... Good thing it is clear soluble glue as i was afraid the ornament would be permanently affixed to my ironing board cover. I kept checking it, as the initial drying process was going on, to make sure it was ironing board free. Then got the bow looking a little better, after the glue dried, the next day. DH swears i can glue a battle ship together with a single bottle of Aleen's tacky glue.

Meet Lizzy Minion. A freebie from Brooke Nolan of
Have her hanging from my stitching lamp. Stitched on 14 count plastic canvas

This is Joan Elliott's Take Life, from her book Cross Stitch Sayings and Sentiments. Made into a large kitchen magnet for the fridge. One thing I found, is that the new magnetic craft strips barely hold any thing up... I made this into a sleeve so I could glue 4 magnetic craft strips to the padded foam board. Slide the foam board into the sleeve and ureka! Kitchen magnet! NO.., in testing the craft strips they would not adhere to the refridgerater, or any metal surface, through the backing fabric. Thought maybe it was due to my roll of strips being in storage too long. Not so. I tried several different store brands and absolutely none of them could even adhere to the metal shelves they were hanging on. Let alone through fabric. I was resigned to glueing the strips to the fabric, when DH took pity on me, and gave me one of the strong industrial magnets from electronic equipment he occasionally tears down. Had to glue a small piece of foam board to the front of the magnet because it was actually too strong and thought it might tear the backing fabric. This did the trick and it proper strength for what is needed.

September Birthday Cake, designer Brooke Nolan
 October, Palkolap.blogspot SAL.

New fabric stash!!!! We do have a Hancock FAbric in town. Which I usually forget about until we get coupons in the mail. Took advantage of sales, and coupons, to buy some small prints for halloween projects. With the 20% ticket total, and 50% off per yard, I made out like a bandit. Spending less than 12$ for four yards of finishing fabric.

 Wally world (Walmart) also got in some new colors of ribbon. Had a field day choosing ribbons. Economical at .97cents a roll. After we left the store I started laughing because I could just see security, looking through the camers, saying OMG heres another craft nutso...Because I had so much fun and know there was a dopey look on my face. You know, that look you know you have on your face when you walk into a needlearts store and forget why your there. Because all you can do is run your fingers through , threads and patterns.
 Wonder where all those ornaments are landing? Here! My holiday wall and table. The bag, with the letter D, was made by a dear friend. Put a piece of styrofoam in the bottom to hold little seasonal goodies through out the year. The pine tree is also decorated monthly. My happy place! Ornament multiples are gifted to friends and family. I figure if I want one, so do they.
As you can tell, my rotation has become defunct. It got to the point where I was so close to finishing things that it is exactly what I did. Finish many of them. Will pick up another rotation in january.

Currently I am working on Bubble Telescope and forgot to take a picture. Will catch that one next time. Until then, Happy stitching!


Donna Pheneger said...

I love your stitching this month especially your October - very pretty! I considered something pretty and then decided I'm going to try to make it a bit spooky though that might be hard with the pattern.
I love your Holiday Wall! What a great idea!
Blessings, Donna

Le trame della Galaverna said...

You did a great needle works congratulations.
October is a beautiful month for me because I celebrate my birthday. I adore Halloween
Ciao Giovanna

Heather said...

Wow great finishing! I love the cat :). I love your seasonal corner very cute!

Preeti said...

Your Margaret Sherry finish is very cute and all the other projects are fantastic !! :) Eventhough you struggled with glue and magnet problems your finishes are perfect! I have purchased few magnetic strips, not sure, how will they work.

Honeybee said...

Your finishes are just beautiful and that Lizzie Minion is a scream!

Faith... said...

I absolutely love your monthly wall and table! All your stitching looks wonderful Deb!

Faith... said...

I absolutely love your monthly wall and table! All your stitching looks wonderful Deb!

Tiffstitch said...

Wow!! Great finishes and sorry you had so many adventures with that one finish.

gominam said...

Ooh I love your stotching projects! That fabric you used on the first one is so cute, wish Icould find it too. So many ribbons, love those colors. I also have that book by Joann Eliot, filled with niceand funny sayings. You ornament display is so cool, is that Angel of Autumn in the middle, I remember doing her years ago, thanks for bringing nice memories:)

Mii Stitch said...

What wonderful stitching!!! October is so so so cute!!!

Suzi said...

I like Margaret´s cat with pumkin and little Minion :-)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your Autumn wall looks awesome! So many gorgeous ornies on there. I can even see Belinda the Bat Witch who I made into a vampire!
I daren't use glue near my stitching, I'd make a terrible mess. But your finishes look so lovely.

Weronika said...

Amazing needlework! Congratulations!

Brigitte said...

Oh my, Deb, what a wonderful array of new dtitching you have here. And all of them so beautifully finished. I just love your choice of designs.
I also use tacky glue on some of my finishings but sometimes the glue goes everywhere just not where it's supposed to go, lol.

Blogger said...
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