Sunday, May 10, 2015

May Turtle Trot and I made my Fleurs deadline!

My, how time flies when a stitcher is getting a lot done!
AND I have the best HUSBAND EVER!!!! More about that after my report.
Wishing everyone a very happy mothers day!
Tap on the adorable turtle, on my side bar, if you would like to join us in the turtle trot hosted by Claudette. Certainly inspirational in motivation to get multiple projects done.

1. Fabby Reily Peony biscornu


2. Joan Elliot Spirit of the Orient SAL
After. Finished the Koi fish except for the black beads for eyes.

 3. Joan Elliott Take Life One Scoop At a Time
 After. Using variagated light blues for the glass sundae cup. I have a little pet peeve with grays being used for snowmen and glass items. The blues are more pleasing to the eye.
4. Serenity Harbor Sampler SAL. Before
 After. This sampler is released in 12 monthly parts. I have been dragging my feet on this one. Due to the reason that I am waiting for
a part, to be released, that gets to the main design of this piece. I always have the sneaky suspicion I will miss on counting the vine and throw the whole design of kilter. The 4th part revealed the sampler countryside and will start that next round. I would rather reference the vine to the countryside, than rely on my counting the vine properly.

 5. Fleurs du Ciel, Angie Designer SAL
I stitched madly, on this one, this past week and made the May 10 deadline. THEN forgot to email a picture to Angie last night....
 After. I finally, (or think I have) decided on a variegated color for the lacy center.
6. Rose Goddess, Joan Elliot
No progress due to Fleurs SAL deadline
7. Joan Elliot Faces SAL. No progress due to Fleurs.
8. Mill Hill Owls
9. Magaret Sherry Friends from the 2012 WOCS calendar book
 After. Even have some back stitching done. Hope to finish this, for halloween, this year
10. Mystic Garden QS, HAED 2013 SAL, 36 count linen, 2x2, full cross stitch
 After About 600 stitches!
 Other things I am stitching this past week
 Teacup Birdies

Monthly SAL palkolap

Now to the best husband ever!!! Hobby Lobby has been blowing out their Artiste threads. Too bad it took a massive sale to catch my attention. Threads are color fast variegated and 100% egyptian cotton. Very soft to work with. Dye lots do vary. I also belong to the Stitch From Stash yearly event. In trying to stay within the budget allowed I bought 49 skeins with money I earned from ebay sales and credits earned from finishing projects with the SFS guidelines. DH needed some paint from Hobby Lobby. I printed some coupons and off we went on a paint expedition. I planned to buy some more of the sales threads. Gathered up more colors. I truely did not realize how many skeins I had in the basket. DH had been telling me to empty the racks and get it over with. The poor cashier counted up the skeins, tapped in the total and I nearly fell over. DH never batted an eye and paid for the threads. I was trying to put some back and DH told me happy mothers day. And he was happy he could finally buy me something I really wanted. BEST HUSBAND EVER!!!!
with the 49 skeins I bought a few weeks ago, and the skeins from this past week, we have a total of 303 skeins of floss.
My sister friend Michelle has been knitting marvelous Hello Kitty's
Here is Michelle's latest creation and she is amazing!
Wishing you all a great mothers day today. I am off to put my ham in the oven and start potato salad.
Thanks for stopping by and happy stitching!


Linda said...

Congrats on the awesome progress on all of your projects Deb. Love your new floss. Your friend does an amazing job at knitting those little critters. Sure wish I could do that.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great progress on all your pieces. The Margaret Sherry Hallowe'en design is so sweet.

Tiffany Pincombe said...

Congrats on the great progress on so many things and what a great husband!

gwendal said...

what a marvellous husband and you have made great progress on all your cross stitches i love them all .

Preeti said...

Lovely progress on your projects !! I am always in awe with your HAED project . The kitty looks cute:)
Where can I find that birds in teacup chart?
When it comes to buying anything my husband is like that too. He also helps in choosing colors and items. Some of his choices are different, then we end up buying additional things :)

Pull the other thread said...

Wow some many amazing projects with lots of great progress. Well done to Hubby for giving you such a great gift.

Donna Pheneger said...

Enjoyed your updates - your work is coming along beautifully. Lucky you to have a HL so close and DH who understands the need for stash and floss! :-)

D1-D2 said...

All your projects look great! I love the Joan Elliot SAL.

gominam said...

Oh my, you did a lot of stitching back there! Your hubby is indeed awesome; lovely threads:)

Justine said...

Lots of lovely stitching here! Some of my favourite designers too - I adore Faby Reilly designs and those Margaret Sherry ones are so cute! I also love the teacup birdies.
Your husband sounds like a keeper - mine has no interest in my stitching and even refers to it as "knitting"!

Carol said...

How sweet your husband is--those threads are amazing. And what wonderful progress on your WIPs!

Weronika said...

Great progress on your work! Congratulation! You've got a great husband ;) Lucky you! :)

Brigitte said...

You are an amazing stitcher, you were progressing such a lot on your projects. Great success! And over 300 skeins of new floss is not bad. But it's good to buy them when they are on sale. Although for me living in Europe your normal thread prices are like sales prices, lol.