Saturday, April 11, 2015

Turtle Trot April update

Okay, who put the month of April on high speed??? I just can't believe how fast time is passing. Time for the monthly Turtle Trot update! And I have been a busy stitcher. The Turtle Trot SAL's, hosted by Claudette, objective is to pick 10 projects and try to finish them. Whether you are a slow stitcher, or fast stitcher, any progress is good progress to a finish. This year I hope to clear out my UFO's so I can participate in th Crazy January SAL in honor of Debbie Faris Bryant. The Turtle Trot SAL link is on my side bar.

1. I lost interest in the Tic Tac Toe Snowmen SAL when the last squares were released. Disappointment made me conside this one finished and will make an ornament of some kind with the first snowman. Maybe do the other 5 snowmen as ornaments in the future.
I picked up my UFO Faby Reilly Peony biscornu in it's place.
2. Joan Elliot Spirit of the Orient SAL

3. is a new start, as I finished the 3 Little House Needleworks Hot Cocoa ornaments last time.
This Is Joan Elliott's Take Life One Scoop at a Time from Joan's book Cross Stitch Sentiments and Sayings. I had found this hard cover bargain book on ebay and had bought it for the Spirit of the Orient SAL. Lots of cute designs in there well worth the $3.69 I spent for a near perfect condition book.

4. Serenity Harbor Sampler, By The Bay Needlearts. This is an ongoing SAL.

5. Fleurs du Ciel SAL, Angie Designer
6. I finished Holiday Bear!
And decided to replace him with Joan Elliott's Rose Goddess. Stiched over one on 28 count hand dyed Polstitches Serenade linen.

7. Faces of Joan Elliott SAL
36 count linen
After. I know, it doesn't look much right now. Will try to get the bottom corner stitched by the next update.

8. Mill Hill Owls UFO, before

9. Margaret Sherry Friends, no progress this month
10. Mystic Garden 2013 HAED SAL.
I did manage some progress on this one!

Also working few other projects.
Lizzie Kate Merry Friends
Lesley Teare's ABC Flower Blocks SAL
 HAED Bubble Telescope

Mirabilia Silver Moon Tea
On wards and upwards! Time to start stitching my April smalls and get ready for the Hermit stitchers SAL next weekend.
Until then, thanks for stopping by.
Happy stitching!


Meari said...

Wow, so much eye candy! Your Teddy finish is adorable. So sorry that you were disappointed in the Snowman SAL. I haven't seen the last two yet.

Faith... said...

Lots of great stitching! I love "Take Life One Scoop" and the color of your Fleurs is great! I was disappointed in the last release for the Snowman SAL too. it was like she just didn't feel like designing anymore snowmen.

Preeti said...

Congrats on the cute finish!! You have so many beautiful projects and you have made lots of stitching progress .

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Love your finish. Good progress on all your projects.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great choices here. You are clearly a big Joan Elliott fan! I love her designs too.
You are a no-reply blogger so I've not been able to reply to any comments you leave. If you email me a reply to this, I'll save your email for future comments!

Donna Pheneger said...

Deb, your work is beautiful! Well done!
Blessings, Donna

Tiffany Pincombe said...

Great work on everything and congratulations on your finish! Your other projects look great too.

Melissa said...

My goodness, you have some amazing projects on the go! You're doing great!

Linda said...

Oh wow Deb. Awesome progress on all of your gorgeous projects.


blue star stitcher said...

Wow, that is a ton of stitching! I have been tempted by the Serenity Harbor Sampler, and love seeing your work on it. I am trying to finish something (anything really) before adding it in to my rotation!

Irmeli said...

Just a lovely stitching, all of them.

gwendal said...

i couldn't imagine how many beautiful projects on the way you have at the same time. What progress on mystic garden so wonderful !! . The biscornu seems very difficult to do and the bubble telescope too because of the colours nearly same . I love the spirit of orient . it's completly different from what you do usually and so amazing with golden thread . The little blue japanese scripture is gorgeous and probably very difficult to success .
congratulations Deb for all these beauties

Anonymous said...

Wow Deb!
All your projects looks beautiful! I love the peony biscornu.

Debbie L

gominam said...

Beautiful projects you got there, love the mystic stitch. Great progress on all of them;)

Kate said...

Congrats on the adorable finish, Deb! And I love all your wonderful progress. That Joan Elliott chart is really cute.

Brigitte said...

It's always fantastic to see all the beautiful projects you are stitching, Deb. And most of them are really huge. Can one say that you are a Joan Elliott fan? LOl. I love her designs and am just leafing through all my magazines to see if I can find one of two designs by her. If not I'll have to buy one, lol.

Ruth said...

You are making remarkable progress--- can you do me a favor and have an inspirational talk with my needles? Mine seem sluggish and nonresponsive.

Congrats on all the progress!

Weronika said...

Wow You've done so much good work here! Congratulations! You've chosen so many wonderful projects.

SuperMomNoCape said...

You certainly do have some beautiful projects on the go. Each one would be a lovely finish. I especially like your Mystic Garden one with the white tigers!

I've recently started a weekly Stitchery Link Party and would love to have you come link up this post (or one of your older ones if you prefer) and share your work with my readers.