Friday, January 2, 2015

HAPPY 2015!

A very happy 2015!
I am not sure where 2014 went to.... Seems like things turn into a bit of a blur the older one gets. Maybe from all that multitasking.
I have a finish!!!
Here she is all washed, framed!
The Maiden
 This is a flower design from an old JCS magazine. Combined with crochet for a different type of finish. This was stitched some time ago. But, thought it would be nice to show this combined finish.
 I had an impulse to work on this old UFO rose afghan. And, when I have a impulse to work on a UFO, I take advantage of it! The design is from a Paula Vaughn Leisure Arts leaflet. I had lost the pattern. Twice to be exact... When I was unpacking boxes i found it again and stored the pattern, this time, with the afghan. This is nine roses and I want to add more.
 I am using Kreinik, Pearl #32 blending filament for sparkle. Had not worked with the filament for a while. A little whispy. Worth the effort for the suttle bling effect.
 After a few hours of stitching I have 5 more roses started. Stitching these in a assembly line fashion by color. Although the frogs decided to brave the cold weather and had to frog part of one of the top roses.
 All in all, I made some progress.
 A little machine embroidery. I finally got my Brothers embroidery machine sorted out. Had taken the machine to a repair sewing shop in 2013. When we picked up the machine we spoke with the shop owners wife. I had terrible problems with the tension and the machine was just unusable. I asked the wife if the tension had been repaired. She said "no, there was no problem with the tension"... A bit frustrated because we knew , absolutely for a fact, that the tension was not working properly, if at all. I tried to operate the machine, with the tension setting at where I would normally operate, and the machine would not stitch properly. At this point I wanted to take the machine, place it in the driveway and let some trucks run over it.
As I was standing in my craft room, looking at all the beautiful threads hung on my wall, I decided this machine was going to work or land in the drive way somewhere. After finding some patience, I started adjusting the tension again. Then came to the realization that the tension HAD been repaired and the machine could be operated at normal tension settings. What a relief, as I was afraid the machine would damage a vehicle as the vehicle made a run at it. This is the result of my effort. Also embroidered some pepper towels and a place mat. Which I promptly forgot to take a photo of before giving as a gift.
 These are the UFO's I hope to work on this year.

 My HAED's patiently waiting.
 Section 2
 Section 3
I am afraid to count, as this is only a small part of them. But, any progress is good progress. I have a year, right!!!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy stitching!


Justine said...

Looks like you have a busy year ahead! I love the cushion finished with crochet. I've never seen anything like it before and it's very effective.

Donna Pheneger said...

Your lists looks like mine - Except I've only kitted one thing - and that's one piece of fabric and one color floss! Pretty easy!

Faith... said...

What a beautiful afghan that will be! The Maiden looks wonderful, glad you got to finish it up and the frame looks great on it.

Zoe Garcia said...

Super update Deb. Hope you make great strides on your WIPs in 2015.

Preeti said...

Lovely finishes!! Crochet cushion is looking great!! The afghan is beautiful too :)

Meari said...

Love the afghan. I can see the sparkly.

Happy 2015!

Pamela Redfern said...

Love your update deb. I admire your machine embroidering. would love to try that some day. I have a lot of projects lined up for this new year and I look forward to stitching them with you. hugs, and happy stitching, queeny

Anonymous said...

the maiden is amazing and you have found the perfect frame . The tiger embroidered on the shirt is wonderful . What a good idea to melt embroidering and crochet for a cushion
love your work

Brigitte said...

You have a wonderful finish here with The Maiden. Congratulations. And as I can see you won't be bored this year as there are many projects waiting for you - the rose afghan, your HAEDs and all the other WIPs. Wishing you a happy stitchy year!