Monday, September 23, 2013

SEPTEMBER HERMIT SAL and some gardening!

Hi everyone!
I haven't had time to stitch the last two weeks. Have missed a few SAL's. But, I did get time to participate in the Hermiter's SAL this weekend. Grab the Hermit button next to this post and join in!
The cat and I pretty much had the house to our selves this past weekend. Only two road repair calls. One each on saturday and sunday. Simple and didn't cut into my weekend too  much.
Here is my progress on my HAED Mystery piece
Before. a lot of confetti.
 After. Confetti finished and 3 bottom pages done. They are 1/2 pages. So the bulk of the design is yet to be stitched. I will not pick this one up until next year. As much holiday stitching and more page goals to accomplish.
 QS Chocolate, before
 QS Chocolate, after. Got the confetti stitching done on the middle cookie. Switched to less confetti stitching for a break. Will continue to work on this one until the last bottom page is completed.

 Brooke's Books Santa from the 2013 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Magazine issue. 14 count antique brown perforated plastic canvas.
 I finished beading a Mill Hill Halloween Heart ornament on black 14 count perforated plastic canvas. I found a pretty Halloween feather tree at Hobby Lobby. LOVE their 40% off coupons! Decided to add Belinda The Bat Witch for a tree topper.
 Because the tree is a cardboard shaped cone I used a decorative straight pin to attach the ornament. Have one more heart to finish beading.
 On the garden front, we received a shipment of Shriners iris roots out of Brooke's, Oregon. These are packed in organic shredded materials, for shipping, so no molding.  2 year old roots. Very large and already getting new growth. I like that they have plastic tags to identify plants. Turn them over to keep the sun from bleaching out colors.

 Some tags are a little wonky as I didn't want to disturb the plant for a good tag picture.

 Remember Mr Pineapple? Well, we had a minor set back... After a month I figured we were safe from anything digging up the plant. All the original fruit materials from mother pineapple was gone and roots had formed. We were wrong... The raccoons decided to dig through the barrel and laid Mr Pineapple over. Not once, but four times in consecutive nights. We don't know if the plant will have any fruit(maybe that should be Mrs Pineapple) due to being dug out, but it is a pretty plant and the spikes are nearly the expanse of the barrel.
That's our progress so far. I haven't done much blog reading the last few weeks. I promise I will get to reading your blogs and all the wonderful projects everyone is stitching.
Thanks for stopping by!


cucki said...

Wow beautiful stitching and the tree is so spooky cute
Hugs x

Pull the other thread said...

Beautiful stitching. Love the Halloween tree.

Stitching Angel said...

Great stitching on your heaven and earth wips

Preeti said...

Lovely stitching! The HAED looks so beautiful :) Halloween tree looks cute!!

Mii Stitch said...

Love the Halloween tree & ornament!! Very pretty!

Sandie said...

Love the Halloween feather tree and Belinda looks great on top of it. Never been a Halloween person, but might have to change my mind!

Anonymous said...

Your stitching are lovely. I love the pretty halloween feather tree with Belinda and the pretty ornament . The iris will be wonderful with such amazing colours . i didn't know those colours existed for iris .I only know violet and white ones . poor Mr pineapple difficult for him to live quietly with those nasty raccoons

Anonymous said...

Love your Brookes books stitching. Belinda looks excellent on top of the tree