Saturday, April 6, 2013


Hi everyone! Has been a very busy month. Meant to update the end of march. But, joined a new SAL and needed to do a post, the first saturday of the month, to complete the requirements.
The garden is very happy this year! And, so are the weeds! Much cleaning, trimming and mowing grass.

We are finding that our butterfly iris is quite the water hog!!

Very proud of our amaryllis plants. We bought these about 9 or 10 years ago. Walmart had them, discounted down to a dollar, in an after christmas sale. We have been carrying them with us with every move. Planted in a big galvanized wash tub.

The iris flowers are just getting started! Have many colors and variety's. These have also been moved with us. When we were driving 18 wheeler we collected many different iris plants from all over the country. Some of the white and peach colors are from my grandma's garden. So I can't wait to see them bloom. Grandma loved her iris.

We also have some pretty rose bushes. The pink one was not labeled a climbing bush. Has become very evident that we will need to put a trellis up for her. The yellow rose is a miniature from mothers day gift 2012. 

Michelle sent us a very pretty terrarium planter for christmas. My first thought was to have some miniature violets. Another idea came to me. My grandfather always had a bonsai tree in his office window and in retirement years the trees migrated to grandmas kitchen window. Could not find one anywhere. Then, we were driving home from a neighboring town service call. Happen to look to one side and a roadside plant stand caught my eye. A very sweet oriental lady was selling bonsai trees. We bought the smallest one. A 2 1/2 year old plant. The lady also gave us a little fisherman. Then she put my hand on her cheek and offered a small prayer. I am assuming the prayer was for the tree and that this dumb person(me) knows enough about plants so as not to kill it! The tree is doing well and is sprayed down with spritz of water every day.

Easter sunday was dinner with family. But, first came the baking of cookies and an experiment with some cupcakes. Decided to use some big flower baking cups and make some easter baskets. 

Found some pretty pip cleaners/fuzzy sticks for the basket handles. I braided three of them together so they would be thicker. The handles are decorative only and were not to used for lifting the heavy cupcake.

Ingredients used

I don't have an oven in the house we rent, so I bake in a counter top convection oven. I am limited on pan size and used muffin pan for the over sized cupcake. I did not use the flower baking cups in the oven. I didn't know what the high temp's would do to the color of the cups. Frosted, decorated and delivered them to dinner!

On to cross stitch!
Had some finished and a lot of fun with JBW French country bunny's

This was a complimentary march chart from Brooke, designer of Brooke's Books.

And a great quaker cat! Found the chart on Pinterest and it has been pasted into the very bottom of my blog.

This was my traveling companion for a few weeks! Kept in the pickup trucks glove box. JBW French Country Hen.

Some new WIP's and the current Wip's are showing progress!
Margaret Sherry halloween kitty and mouse.

I have joined another SAL. It is a monthly sal from another blog called YOTO for Year Of The Acronym. Which means to take out a UFO project, stitch on the piece, post a before and after picture in your blog, on the first saturday of every month. You can join
This will be my first month. This piece is also in the HAEDless sal which is the last week of each month. So this fits in nicely on a rotation.

I found this 2011 Patriotic Quaker Heart through pinterest  on the Aury Tm website as a freebie.  Found the link!

Put quite a bit of stitching on bubbles. Was happily stitching my way across the bottom. Even got to the middle, bottom page. Then I stood back and took a look.... Well, the piece looked so fragmented. Like some one threw different colors of paint in splotches. So I went back to my first pages and started filling them in. Now bubbles looks much better. Can't wait to get off the planet and start working on the telescope.
Here is the Faby Reilly Peony biscornu. Have the lightest pink color done and should be able to fill the flower in pretty quickly.

Can't forget Chocolate! 3 bottom pages are nearly finished.

Well, I finally took the dive and joined Pinterest. And found FELT!!! This is a picture that I used for a template.

I cut out 2 birds at one time.

Made some more templates. Then decided to speed thing up and get the most out of 2 sheets of felt. And save every scrap of felt as it can be used for decorating ornies.

Have about 40 sets of  7 different templates. Would also like to make some snowmen and maybe use cookie cutters for more templates.

One of the black kitties!

                                                        Using plain craft ribbon for the spider web roses. 4mm and 6mm beads for trimming out.

Experimented with Isacord embroidery thread for the blanket stitch edging. Then settled on DMC #8 perle cottons for sewing the ornaments together.

Found another thing to play with. My mom has been knitting/weaving with her knifty knitter for about 10 years now. She has probably made close to 1000 hats, in dark colors, for our troops serving over seas. She donates them to a local support group. The group packs them in care packages and send them where they need to go. Mom also find dolls, makes clothes for them and donates them to the local childrens center. 
I has always left the knitting to mom. THEN, I was walking past a store shelf and saw the most beautiful fuzzy yarn! A Bernat brand Boa yarn. Gorgeous fall colors. Only found one skein. Bought it and tried to crochet with the yarn. Pretty much knew that I wouldn't be able to crochet with it, but tried anyway. Ended up printing a coupon and buying a set of round hobby lobby looms. This is what I ended up with!

This is one piece that can be used and a warm cowel or short scarf.

The hat pic kind of washed the color out. But, it is the same color as the scarf.

This is a matching headband.
Here is my TUSAL bucket.

Michelle has knitted more miniature mice. Soooo talented and creative!

Michelle's mom wanted a glass cover for her wedding mice. Michelle found the perfect glass dome for the wedding party!

Beautiful miniature sewing maching!
  Dora the Explorer miniature mouse. Complete with binoculars and back pack. Beautiful fairy mouse.

This is the characters from Titanic. I absolutely love the detail on the boy mouse. The vest, hat are perfect. And the blue stone is fabulous!

Painter mouse has created a master piece!
 Lucky leprechaun in time for St. Patrick's day.
A wonderful way to display all Michelle' adorable knitted slippers and shoes. Love the 3 tier effect!

Well, Think that's most everything! Thanks for visiting!
Happy stitching, Deb


Pull the other thread said...

Wow, such an amazing collection of things there. I love your YOTA piece, can't wait to see more of it. Lots of beautiful stitching and knotting there. I absolutely love the felt ornaments, they are so pretty and cute. Well done.

Linda said...

What a great post. All your stitching is beautiful as are your ornaments and flowers. I love the little knitted mice. Does she sell the patterns or the finished mice.


Anne said...

Love everything!! Your talent is inspiring!! :)

Deb said...

Hi Linda! Michelle does not sell the pattern or the tiny mice, Too much work and detail in them. She took an existing pattern and altered it to suit what she needed it for. The mice are knitted with DMC #8 and #12 perle cottons. So tiny! Thank you for asking! Deb

Sarah Beth said...

Wow is all I can say. I just recently started following your blog and I love it. I see we have something in common...we both have hubs bands that totally support our dedication to needlework. My Jim spoils me rotten:-) I love the quaker cat. You said something about the pint rest link being at the bottom of your blog I think..anyhoo I would really like to get that design. Can you help me find it?

cucki said...

Wow so many sweet goodies...
Hugs x

Mary said...

Wow! You and Michelle have been really busy. The mice are just amazing and your projects are beautiful.

SoCal Debbie said...

Hi Deb, I am a new follower of your blog. You have so many amazing WIPs and different crafts, too! I loved seeing all your different styles of finishing. Thank you for the Quaker Cat chart.

Carolyn NC said...

Wow..where do I start? The flowers are beautiful and the stitching progress is fantastic! Yummy cupcakes, too! I love your felt projects and the mice are just adorable!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh I love your blog, very beautiful
bisous from FRANCE

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Omg you have been busy!! What wonderful projects and treats!!