Thursday, August 2, 2018

July is out with a bang!

Finished up July with a bang!
I came out of my comfort zone in finishing this one. Used chevron patterned fabric with checks. I covered a backing board with the chevron fabric. Then mounted my stitched piece on foam board with low loft quilt batting. Glued my stitched piece to the chevron board. Had some glitter stars, suspended on wire. Cut those loose and glued them in the corners.
The inspiration for this finish came from this wonderful blog
Well worth the time to cruise through Priscillia's posts.
Grand Old Flag, designer Rosewood Manor, 36 count flax, DMC threads and Artiste Iris brand red thread.

 More Hooties. designer Pinoy Stitch, 14 count plastic canvas, DMC threads
Time for some beach themed pieces to go with my August beach themed wall. Beach Bum Hootie ready for ornamentizing!
And the start of a Hootiesaurus.

My August wall is a bit sparse. Hope to correct that by the end of the month!

Hope you all are managing to stay cool and stitch!
Thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Grand Old Flag

Texas heat is in full swing with the weatherman saying it's 94 degrees and everyone elses thermometers saying its 99 to 101 degrees. I mostly hibernate in the air conditioning. Although, I did get the front garden raked down, weedex cloth put down and many bags of mulch to keep the garden looking spiffy. Very satisfied with the result.

Still working on patriotic pieces. I have finished stitching Grand Old Flag. Still working on a finishing idea. Have some stars buttons to sew on before the final finishing. Designer Rosewood Manor, 36 count flax linen, 2 strands DMC variations and 5200 white. The red is a Hobby Lobby brand Artiste thread.

 Of course there has to be some patriotic Hooties in the works! These are so quick to stitch. Stitching up multiples as usual. 14 count plastic canvas. 3 strands DMC threads. And let me tell you that trying to stitch in a smyrna specialty stitch on 14 count plastic canvas is a real trick.
 A second Hootie in the works. There are 12 in the series.
Have a good weeks end and happy stitching!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Grand Old Flag progress

It's a grand old flag, it's a high flying flag. Do I have you singing yet?
Started this one in june. Had planned on having the sampler done by the 4th of July. Then Peppers Pillow called to me. And when that beast called I answered long enough to finish it. Also my OTT light had needed repair for so long that I had just been working on smalls. Hubby made the necessary repairs and I am on to big projects once more.

Have made quite a bit of progress since Peppers has been finished.
Grand Old Flag, designer Rosewood Manor. 36 count flax linen, DMC varieations 4240, DMC 5200 white and Artiste Iris brand threads red.

This was June 12

Today, July 10th. Hope to have it finished this week sometime as I will be back to a few smalls for gifts and also a mailart exchange. The mailart will be a first for me and I am looking forward to putting it together. 
Short but sweet! Thank you for stopping by and happy stitching!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Where do I start?

I have been occupied with all my groups on facebook. Two of which I help moderate. Then i help moderate our Brooke's Books Stitchers
All of which I enjoy. Especially our

I, of course, haven't been keeping my blog up. (is there a house elf for that?) But that doesn't mean I haven't been stitching. Quite furiously in fact! Various fb challenges keep me motivated along with just being obsessed with needle and threads.
Will try to give you a run down on my projects for 2018. And  a little catch up on some of what was completed in 2017. Yes, gads, its been november 2016 since my blog has had any attention at all. Shame on me for sure. My ipad still will not support blogger so it is easier to post in my facebook page when I take a picture with it. You see, I really don't know how I get any stitching done as my ipad seems to be permanently attached to my hands.

Last project finished is a old UFO from the December 2004 JCS magazine issue called peppers pillow. Designer Donna Vermillion Giampa. It was a UFO I kept picking at all these years and finally finished it a few days ago. The reason is that the black cashel linen was tightly woven. Didn't start out that way. It was my presioussshhhuss for the whole month of june. I had to guess at where the stitches were to be placed and it was a little dicey at times. Fought me to the bitter end. Even when I was sewing the pillow together. But, it turned out okay and I am happy it's out of the UFO bin.

HAED had a %25 off sale on needlenannys earlier this month. Couldn't resist as I have had them in my wish list for ages.

The two mini pillows are Lizzie Kate Summer Smalls and Berries Smalls. The Strawberry Biscornu is a Floss Box pattern.

This is a design form a Joan Elliott book called Sentiments and Sayings. Made into a large kitchen magnet. I changed the black backstitching to multiple colors, added beads,

The flowers are monthly freebie flowers from Ellen Maurer S. And the Blues is a Valerie Pfiffer design that was framed years ago before I was making flat ornaments.

 I had a Just Nan smalls and wanted to make a biscornu. Took part of the original design to stitch up a backing.

 This is a freebie from Brooke's Books facebook page. Jingle Boot.

 These four squares are from a facebook freebie, Lesley Teare, Flowers Blocks SAL. I had started an afghan last year and have A-G and these four blocks done on an Anne Cloth afghan. I made a graph for placement of all the blocks so my afghan down't look wonky.
This is a Be Mine blog freebie a found years ago.

 This is a Mill Hill Autumn pin that I made into an ornament. While I was clipping a stray thread I accidently clipped the ornament ribbon and had to add a button to keep the ribbon together. Already glued together, there was no taking it apart.
 Lesley Tear has another SAL, on fb, that is Sunbonnet Sue's. Most are stitching on one big sampler. I need ornaments for my little tree. This is tiny and idea for that. The fuzzy trim is from Hobby Lobby and is a christmas trim. Red, green and white come on a card for $3.99.
 Brooke's Books Firecrackers from one of her picnic collections.
 These are Kreinik's freebie snowmen. Stitched on clear 14 count plastic canvas. And mounted on a plastic white glitter snowflake. I changed the smiles on their faces. One of them looked like he was terribly angry!

 Christmas ornament from a christmas issue of JCS magazine. Made into a biscornu. The first few months of this year seemed to be the year of the biscornu as I ended up stitching 9 of them, lol.
 Brooke's Books Design from one of her picnic collections.
 Happy Pudding. Designer Durene Jones, fb freebie from her fb page.

 Carnation biscornu. Old blog freebie. Seem to have a lot of those!

 Bunny's and Tulips blog freebie. Decided to see if I could sew a cotton fabric backing. It was a bit of a trick, but turned out okay.

 Sweetheart Tree Itty Bitty Patriotic Kitty. First time trying a tag shaped ornament. And Luck To You, designer Lizzie Kate.

 These two are from one design. A Lizzie Kate April Flip it. I used a cookie cutter for my tulip shape.

 Then sandwich a straw in between layers. Being careful to not crush the straw. Took a wood skewer and inserted into the straw, and in to the middle of my tulip for strength. Layer ribbons and add a pretty button.
 Another Lizzie Kate design.
 These 3 are Cricket Collection Freebies. Hot Cocoa, Sweets and Snow Kitten.

Strawberry Biscornu pattern from The Floss Box

 Hands On Designs To the Beach series and quick to stitch

I had plotted, and planned, this finish for weeks. Gather supplies. Then found out I could be very dangerous with a hot glue gun! The board is 16x20 inches, comes painted this greenish driftwood color and bought at Walmart. The mermaid is a Hobby Lobby sale find. The "sand" is crushed marble. I smeared the bottom of the board with hot glue. Patted in my sand. The wooded fish were stuffed in a jar full of shells. I used crayons to color the fish. Added some flashy glittered buttons, shells and pearls.

 This is my rose kiss. The rose is from an old leisure arts book. The vine is just my meandering around trying to fill fabric space. Was looking for different finishing techniques. Found that needlepoint sites are wonderful inspirations for them. This is one of those inspirations. The pucker, in the front, did not show up until after I had stuffed it with fiber fill. Too late to do anything about it and I was not going to tear it apart to try to fix it.

Bottom. Used matt board as a base for the cotton fabric.

 An Owl Biscornu. Pattern from The Flossbox

Mini Texas. A freebie from The Artecy website.

 Flag Bisconu. Pattern from The Flossbox
 This one took awhile to stitch. I changed to 1/4 stitches to get a more refined finish with out the backstitching running through stitches. Then leaving a blank spot next to them. The design is so beautiful that I thought it deserved to have the extra effort put in to that. Peony Biscornu, designer Faby Reilly.

                                My 4th of july holiday wall this year!

Here are some of my 2017 finishes.
 My SIL started this Whitsy quilt for a friend. Knew the minute I saw it that I would probably end up finishing it.  And I was not disappointed, if you want to call it that. She got about 4 outer symbols done and asked me to finish it. Problem is that she smoked and the thing reeked of nicotine. And also discolored from it. Due to being a stamped item I could not wash it. So I sneezed for a month while stitching this to get it done. Thankfully, all the orange nicotine came out of it after I soaked it in oxyclean. That stuff is gold for sure.

 May flowers Ellen Maurer S.
 This was the saddest mystery SAL I have  ever signed up for. This is my $36 ornament pattern and I learned my lesson, lol. Moral of the story, don't sign up for a mystery SAL with a designer you don't know. Hot Cocoa.
  Brooke's Books Advent Animals freebie Odette Owl. I did not stitch the number or red border. She makes a nice winter ornament. Although, my mom ended up with this one and I haven't stitched another one yet!
2017 was the year of the Hooties, designer Pinoy Stitch! I must have stitched 30 of these little cuties. Made great gifts. And I still had some left over. More are slated for 2018. I found some Patriotic Hooties and two Honey Bee Hooties.

 I made many of these as hurricane Harvey ran over the top of us. He came over at a cat 1 and we weathered through it. The faster the wind blew the faster I stitched Halloween Hooties!

 This is Brooke's Books Jane Austen doll. Stitched on fabric and made into a huge flat wall hanging. Not really an ornament at 12 inches tall.
 Hands On Designs.
 Brooke's Books Freebie Winter Pantry. You can find all four seasonal pantry's in Brooke's ETSY stiore.
 The Best Things is a My Big Toe design. The Quaker Heart is an Aury TM, you guessed it, Freebie.
 This is a Lizzie Kate design. My first stand up finish. I learned  to allow extra fabric so the front doesn't lean forward so much, lol.

 Country Cottage Needleworks Ice Cream Menu.

Freebie Biscornu from Faby Reily fb page.

Currently, and I don't have a picture as I have been stitching on Rosewood Manor's Grand Old Flag. The Plan was to have the sampler finished in time for my July holiday wall centerpiece. However, Pepper pillows got in the way and it will be next year for the Flag.
One thing I did start is another HAED SK Magical Arrival in january. Got 2 bottom pages done. Then my OTT light stand broke. The light still worked, but the stand needed some repair. I was without my light for about 4 months. Only things I could really work on were smalls. After hubby repaired mr OTT, I had set my sights on finishing Pepper pillow once and for all. Hopefully this one will get some attention once Flag is finished.
Thank you for bearing with me on this catch up post. Hope to see you soon, happy stitching!